9 Books for Summer Drama Fun

Want to add a little
drama to your summer days? Put on some plays! Your plays can be straight out of
your head, ones someone else has written or a combination of both. Here are
some books to get you started. In case your library system doesn’t carry some of
these books, I’ve added the library call numbers so you can browse for summer


12 Fabulously Funny
Fairy Tale Plays
 by Justin McCory Martin

The author has taken
well-known fairy tales and given them a new twist. The titles give a pretty
good idea of what to expect: Spiderella,
Rafunzel, The Emperor’s New Hair, Slurping Beauty
 and 7 more.


The Jumbo Book of Drama by Deborah
Dunleavy, illustrated by Jane Kurisu

This book has many
ideas to get your creative drama ideas started. There aren’t many scripts, just
countless ideas for creating your own plays and other bits of drama. Some of
the chapters are: Magic,
Clowning Around
 (really fun ideas), Puppets and Puppetry, Comedy and Tragedy.


Hansel and Gretel by Moira
Butterfield (sorry, no link)

The story of Hansel and
Gretel is the only play presented in this book. There are directions for each
stage of the production, from choosing parts to creating props and costumes to
actually putting on the play. A script is included.


Fifty Fabulous Fables by Suzanne I

Did you know that Aesop
was a slave in Greece and wrote his fables around 550 B.C.? That’s over 2,500
years ago! I love knowing
this fact. This book is filled with fables that Aesop wrote, rewritten as short
plays. The plays are written for 2-4 players and at 4 different reading levels.


On Stage: Theater Games
and Activities for Kids
 by Lisa Bany-Winters

Although there are a
few scripts in this book, it is mostly filled with games and activities to get
players thinking like actors and play-writers. There are all kinds of games
that promote silly pretending, working together to create ideas, pantomime,
creating characters, costume making and lots of others.


 Putting on a Play by Paul Dubois
Jacobs and Jennifer Swender

This small book covers
all aspects of play production (casting, scripts, makeup…) and then suggests
different topics such as pirates, princesses, the circus, explorers… Each topic
gives suggestions for costumes, props and 3 different storylines.


Tadpole Tales and Other Terrific Treats for Readers Theatre by Anthony D.

The plays written for Readers
Theater are designed to be performed by actors who simply read the script for
the audience. Sound boring? Not at all. Although the actors aren’t moving
around the stage, they are free to put all their acting skills into the
reading. Since you don’t have to memorize your lines, you tend to be much less
nervous. There are plays for different reading levels. There’s at least one
other book in this series.


Cool Makeup: How to
Stage Your Very Own Show
 by Karen Latchana Kenney

There are 6 books in
this series. The other books cover costumes, production, scripts &
acting, sets & props, and special effects. Each book packs in a bunch
of information but is very reader-friendly: it’s colorful, with great
illustrations and clear text. This makeup book gives directions for mustaches
and beards, animals, wounds and other simple but effective illusions.


Wham! It’s a Poetry Jam by Sara Holbrook [J792.028]

I know this book isn’t
about plays but it is about drama and performance. The author is a poet who
encourages you to perform with your own and others’ poems. She shows how to use
voice, rhythm, attitude, movement and other techniques to perform poetry solo
or in a group. Just right for summer fun!


I hope you have a
dramatic summer! Let me about it in the Comments box!



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