Top Magazines for Kids: Part 2

As I said in last week’s post, I’m a big fan of magazines. The best ones catch your eye and imagination right away and keep you engaged. Here are the last magazines on my list. Be sure to add your favorites to the Comments box.

FootStepsAfrican American History
Footsteps is designed to help readers discover more about African American History. It includes informational articles and interviews, historical photos and artwork, maps and activities.

Girls’ Life Magazine
Girls’ Life Magazine is geared to girls 10 to 15. It’s packed with advice on friends, family, school, crushes, fashion and beauty. More of the same is available on their website.

Highlights for Children contains poems, stories, puzzles, jokes, riddles, rebus stories, crafts, and hidden pictures. It has things of interest for ages 4-12.

Kids Discover This full-color, monthly magazine covers nature, science and geography topics for children ages 6 and older. Each issue is devoted to a specific subject. Magazines are shelved by subject area in the nonfiction collection.

This is a magazine from the publishers of Cricket, targeted to a younger audience (2-7). It contains numerous learning activities with a particular focus on reading and understanding. It contains poems, stories, cartoons, and activities.

Muse is a magazine for ages 9-14 from the publishers of Cricket and Smithsonian Magazine. It includes articles and activities about science, nature, poetry, music and more.

Kids is published by the National Geographic Society for kids between the ages of 8 and 14. It covers a wide variety of topics, but focuses on geography, adventure, wildlife and science issues. The web site includes links to stories, fun facts, games and other activities.

Odyssey is billed as “The science magazine for young adventurers!” It includes sections on science news, science fun, and the website contains links to webcams around the world. (Recommended for ages 10-16.)

Ranger Rick is a monthly magazine for kids ages 7 and up. It features colorful animal photos, funny drawings, and stories about nature, outdoor adventure, and helping the environment. The online version includes web sites for homework help, monthly activities, games, sections for parents and teachers and a sneak preview of the current issue.

Spider is a magazine from the publishers of Cricket, recommended for ages 6-9. It contains stories, articles, poems, drawings, cartoons and letters.

Sports Illustrated for Kids
Sports Illustrated for Kids is a monthly magazine for elementary age children. It includes interviews with sports heroes, comics, action photos and more. The website provides interactive opportunities.

Wild Animal Baby 
Wild Animal Baby is a  publication of the National Wildlife Federation. It includes stories, fingerplays and big colorful photographs and drawings of wild animals for children between the ages of 1 and 3. The website offers more games and activities for young children.

Young Rider is for horse lovers. Although it is geared primarily towards girls, it is also appropriate for boys. Ages 7 and Up. The magazine covers both English and Western style riding.

Your Big Backyard also called Big Backyard
Your Big Backyard is published by the National Wildlife Federation. It introduces 3-7 year olds to the fascinating world of nature. It features big, colorful photos, read-to-me stories, poems, riddles, and games.

Zoobooks is for ages approx. 4 and up, best for 7-12. Each issue features a different animal and covers topics such as anatomy, habitat, socialization, and reproduction. For younger kids: Zoobies and Zootles

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I hope these suggestions help you find some magazines you enjoy. Remember, check with your school and town librarians for other ideas. Your perfect magazine is out there!


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