More Books to Make You Glad It’s Winter

So how wintry is it where you are? Here in Upstate New York, it’s definitely snowy and cold. All the more reason to cuddle up with some good books!

 Lemonade in Winter by Emily Jenkins and G. Brian Karas
When it is winter, you think about lemonade, right? And lemonade stands. No??? Well, these 2 kids do. They buy their stuff and make the lemonade, limeade and lemon-limeade. They put on their coats, mittens and scarves, set up their stand on the snowy sidewalk and start selling. A little.

 Veamos el invierno/Let’s Look at Winter by Sarah L. Schuette
As the title suggests, this book is written in Spanish and English. The text is simple and the large winter photos are great. There are 2 glossaries in the back – one in Spanish and one in English.

 Animals in Winter by Martha E. H. Rustad
This book covers migration, hibernation, animals and signs of winter. The text is basic and the excellent photographs support it well.

A Snowflake Fell: Poems about Winter compiled by Laura Whipple, illustrated by Hatsuki Hori (Sorry, no link.)
There are 23 poems that sing of the spirit, joy and many faces of winter. The illustrations perfectly capture each poem. My idea – take turns reading your favorites aloud.

 It’s Snowing! It’s Snowing! Winter Poems by Jack Prelutsky,  illustrated by Yossi Abolafia
This is a collection of winter poems that have the funny Prelutsky flair. It’s an I Can Read, Level 3 book.

 Here Comes Jack Frost by Kazuno Kohara
“I hate winter,” said the little boy. But that was before Jack Frost came. Jack Frost said he’d play with the boy if the boy never said anything warm in front of him. That lasted until…

 Henry Goes Skating by B. B. Bourne, illustrated by Simon Abbott
Henry is a boy who loves vehicles. In this story, he and his parents are on their way to go ice skating. There are cars, trucks, a bus and even a Zamboni. This is an I Can Read: My First book. It’s part of the Everything Goes series.

 Peter and the Winter Sleepers by Rick de Haas
Peter, his grandmother and his dog live in a lighthouse. One winter morning, Peter woke up to snowy world. The next morning, there was 3 feet of snow. All sorts of animals started to come to the door and windows, begging to come in from the snow. But what about the fox? Should they let in the fox? If you’ve ever thought about living in a lighthouse (I have), this book might convince you it would be great.

 The Iciest, Diciest, Scariest Sled Ride Ever! by Rebecca Rule, illustrated by Jennifer Thermes
7 kids decide to take Grandpa Bud’s travis (a really long sled) down a steep stretch of icy snow. Trouble is, they have to get up the hill first – not easy! If you’ve ever had a perfect day of sledding (or even if you’ve just wished for it), you’ll enjoy this sledding adventure.

What are your favorite winter books? Write them in the Comments Box!

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