Fun Author Websites

This week and last I told you about lots of picture books. Many of the authors and illustrators have their own websites. Here are 4 of them.

Louise Yates (A Small Surprise
This website has lots of information about Louise Yates books and her artwork. For activities, click on Activities and Events and then on Activities.

This site has information about Laura Vaccaro Seeger, her books and a couple of cool book trailers.”” index.php?scrwidth=”1366""”>″ href=”″ target=”_blank”>Henry Cole (Unspoken)
Henry Cole has written lots of books and illustrated a ton more. I’m pleased to see I have lots more Henry Cole books to discover! The Games button has puzzles, a memory game and a painting activity. Henry’s Gallery has lots of Henry Cole’s artwork.

Olivia the Pig (Olivia and the Fairy Princesses)
This site has crafts, recipes, coloring and other fun stuff. Click on the Fun with Olivia button.
What are some of your favorite authors and illustrators? You can Google their names and see if they have their own websites.

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