ANOTHER Dozen Poetry Books for the Whole Family

I have had such a great time reading lots of poetry books for last week’s post and today’s post. The smiles have been nonstop!


the Sea
David Elliott, illustrated by Holly Meade

woodcut illustrations perfectly match these short poems about sea life. The
shark and moray eel are terrifying. The dolphins and whales soar in and out of
the water. I’d love every double-page spread as a poem-illustration poster.


 Why War is Never a Good Idea by Alice Walker, illustrated by
Stefano Vitale

reaction when I finished reading this book was a quiet wow. Every page is beautiful, in words and pictures. Beautiful,
sad, scary, powerful… perfect. 


Other Side of the Door
by Jeff
Moss, illustrated by Chris Demarest (sorry, no link)

Moss is a new poet to me and I’m glad to have discovered him. His poems are
silly and just bounce around on your tongue. You have to read them aloud.


 Pearl Verses the World by Sally Murphy, illustrated by
Heather Potter

is a middle grade novel in verse. Pearl lives with her mother and grandmother.
Her grandmother is fading and is no longer the grandmother who taught Pearl
about lots of stuff, including that poems don’t have to rhyme. Pearl feels like
a group of one at school and hates that her teacher keeps bugging her to write
poems that rhymes. This is a lovely book.


That Dog
Sharon Creech

is another middle grade novel in verse. Jack tells his teacher that he cares
nothing about poetry and sees no point in it. Still, he likes what his teacher
is reading to the class. He starts to accept poetry is good and uses it to
express himself.


Time I Climb a Tree
by David
McCord, illustrated by Marc Simont

clear that David McCord remembers what it’s like to be a kid. Reading these
poems, I remember, too. I can’t wait to find someone to read The Pickety Fence to!


Runs: Baseball Poems and Paintings
by Douglas

lovers – be glad! This book covers all bases (J) Poem
titles include Pitcher, Catcher, Base Stealer, The Season is
and 11 more. The paintings are very baseball.


Follow: A Book of Reverso Poems
by Marilyn
Singer, illustrated by Josée Masse

liked the first book, Mirror Mirror
quite a lot, and I like this book even more. Each poem involves a fairy tale.
In each, the characters speak through poems that can be read backward and
forward, and with hugely different meanings. Very clever and thought provoking.
It’s hard to describe and easy to enjoy.


Haiku You
Betsy Snyder

love haikus because they go right to the point. Each haiku in this small book
is a love song. They cover so many subjects – Valentines, teddy bears,
lemonade, pets, s’mores… This would be a great gift book.


 unBEElievables by Douglas

poem in this book is about honeybees: Bee
Anatomy, Worker Bees, Waggle Dance
, and others. For readers who are
interested in learning more about bees, there is a short paragraph with each
poem, giving a little more information. Sweet!


of the Farm
Dia Calhoun

lives on a farm in the state of Washington. She loves it and considers it a
place of magic. It inspires her poems. Eva never wants to leave but when hard
times come, it looks like her parents may need to sell the farm. This middle
grade novel is told entirely in verse. 
If you love poetry and especially if you are a poet, this is a perfect
book for you.


You! C’mere: A Poetry Slam
Elizabeth Swados, illustrated by Joe Cepeda (sorry, no link)

book sings! The words sing. The
pictures sing. Together, they really
sing. This is my favorite of the bunch – at least for today!

I hope you are having a wonderful Poetry Month – I certainly am! What are your favorite poetry books? Write them in the Comments Box!



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