Tips for a Summer of Reading Fun

Summer is a great time to bring home the message that reading is fun. It’s a time for reading just what you want, rereading favorites as often as you choose, discovering new information and listening to great stories in a leisurely way.

Summer is a time to leave homework and reading instruction behind. It’s all about reading pleasure and practice. Just let it flow….

Some of today’s tips are repeats from last summer, some are new ones.


Be a reader yourself Show your kids that you value reading by reading yourself.

Read aloud, read aloud, read aloud! Be creative – read alouds aren’t just for bedtime. Try between chores, while waiting for appointments, dinner to be done, food in a restaurant, waiting in line at the beach…

Write stories and plays This is a time for creativity, not writing instruction. If your child wants help, he’ll ask, otherwise, let it be all about ideas.

Write letters Letters can take all forms: emails, postcards, letters, paper airplanes… Try designing your own stationery and postcards. Create a box or bucket of fun writing materials – paper, cardstock, markers, fancy pens and pencils, glitter… Send to: friends, relatives, authors, experts…

Allow your child to choose his books Summer is for fun! Sure, we want to learn too, but fun comes first.

Help your child select books at a comfortable level. See Matching Books to Readers.

Don’t limit summer reading to books Try magazines. Click here and here for suggestions. Also try brochures, comics, directions, maps, atlases, cereal boxes…

Read a book and watch the movie together This works for movies in theaters and movies you rent or get from the library.

Reread your favorites Summer is a great time to read old favorites, either independently or as a read aloud. Maybe create a shared book list of everyone’s favorite kids’ books. Then trade books!

Check out reading programs at your library Many local libraries have summer programs. Some schools do, too.

Board Games Many games have a reading component, and even if they don’t, play them anyway because they’re fun!

5 ways to motivate summer reading Click here for ideas from


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There are so many ways to have reading fun this summer. Next week I’ll have a bunch of activities for you to try.

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