Fun Fourth of July Books

The Fourth of July is next week. That gives us just enough time to read some fun books!


 Crankee Doodle by Tom Angleberger, illustrated by Cece Bell

What if a Patriot and his pony were hanging out on a summer afternoon? What if the horse wants to go to town? What if the Patriot gets cranky about going to town? Well, you’d get a funny story about the Yankee Doodle song! Written by the author of the Origami Yoda books (I love them!), this is a perfect book to read aloud in a cranky voice!


  Red, White, and Boom! by Lee Wardlaw, illustrated by Huy Voun Lee

Lively rhymes and pictures show the range of a fun Fourth of July activities—parades, picnics, the beach, and fireworks.

Independence Day: Birthday of the United States by Elaine Landau

This book tells all about the history of the holiday and how it is celebrated: fireworks, parades, and food. There are also some crafts and projects.
Similar books:

Fourth of July Fireworks by Patrick Merrick

 Happy 4th of July by Abbie Mercer

Independence Day by Ann Heinrichs, illustrated by Robert Squier

America’s Birthday: The Fourth of July
by Tom Shachtman, photographs by Chuck Saaf (sorry, no link)

Clear text and colorful photos show how some towns and cities in upper New England celebrate the Fourth of July.

 Fourth of July Mice! by Bethany Roberts, illustrated by Doug Cushman

In simple rhyme and lively pictures, a mouse family celebrates the Fourth of July. They parade, eat, play games, have an all-round great holiday.

 The Great Cake Bake by Helen Ketteman, illustrated by Matt Collins

Donna Rae loves contests—really loves them. When she hears about the Fourth of July cake contest she gets all fired up. Cakes 1 and 2 are spectacular but have big problems. Will cake number 3 win the prize? These cakes are pretty amazing…

Do you know other fun Fourth of July books? Write them in the Comments Box!



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