A Terrific Nonfiction Series for the Summer


This week’s books are from the book series, The Best Book of… by the publisher Kingfisher. This is an outstanding series and perfect for summer reading.

Why do I like it? It covers a WIDE range of subjects, each book is clearly written with lots (but not too much) of information on the page and the illustrations wonderfully support the text. Perfect!

Here are several of the books, but certainly not all. My local library system has over 30 books of the series. When I was teaching, I would have wanted them all in my classroom.

I see these books as great starting books on a subject. If you want to find out more about a subject, find the call number on the spine of the book. Then go to the same area in the library to see what other books they have.

 The Best Book of the Moon by Ian Graham

This book covers a wide range of moon topics – from myths to phases to eclipses to history to moonwalking and more. Did you know that scientists believe that the moon may once been part of Earth? An interesting thought…

 The Best Book of Pirates by Barnaby Harward

I know my students always thought of pirates as fun subjects. Not really—they were thugs and thieves. However, their history is fascinating. This book explores the world of pirates, covering where they operated, their actions, pirate women, treasure and pirates today.

 The Best Book of Gymnastics by Christine Morley

Look into the world of gymnastics: the many types, the training involved, competitions and more. The illustrations really drive home the strength and flexibility that a gymnast needs to be successful.

 The Best Book of Mummies by Philip Steele

Take a look beneath the bandages to explore Egyptian mummies. It covers who they were, how they were embalmed, where they were buried, and how they were rediscovered.

 The Best Book of Ancient Rome by Deborah Murrell

Discover life in ancient Rome. This book covers the city’s origins and rulers, discusses the homes, leisure activities, military, sports, and other topics.

 The Best Book of Bugs by Claire Llewellyn

This book covers different types of bugs (spiders, bees, ants…). Information includes life cycles, habits, diet and other bug topics. The illustrations will appeal to any bug enthusiast.

 The Best Book of Spaceships by Ian Graham

Did you know that an astronaut’s underwear is covered with thin plastic tubes that contain water? I didn’t! This book tells you why and all sorts of other information. The illustrations are clear and kind of exciting – they really draw you in.

 The Best Book of Ballet by Angela Wilkes

This book is well organized and really takes you into ballet. Chapters include Famous Ballets, Learning to Dance, Costume and Makeup and lots more. The illustrations give a complete dance feeling, like they were drawn by a dancer.

 The Best Book of Sharks by Claire Llewellyn

Just as the ballet book’s illustrations feel like dance, this book’s illustrations show sharks in a very real way. It covers types of sharks, hunting, endangered sharks and more. If I were into sharks, I’d read this book over and over.

These are just a few of the books in this series. Some of the other subjects are:

  • Dinosaurs
  • Polar Animals
  • Ponies
  • Snakes
  • Trains
  • Volcanoes
  • Whales And Dolphins
  • Nighttime Animals
  • Ponies
  • Speed Machines
  • Fossils, Rocks, and Minerals
  • Martial Arts

I hope you check some of these books out. Let me know what you think!


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