Get Baking! Books for the Bakers in Your Family

On Wednesday, My Cute Baker, a family baking site, will guest post with lots of thoughts on baking with kids. Today I have some books to get you going with your own baking.


 Who Put the Cookies in the Cookie Jar? by George Shannon, illustrated by Julie Paschkis

One hand in the cookie jar takes a cookie out. / How many hands put the cookie in is what the world’s about. This picture book shows all the people who are responsible for getting the cookies in the cookie jar. Like the man who makes the cookie sheet, the sewer who makes the oven mitt, the farmers who milk the cow…

 Bread Comes to Life: A Garden of Wheat and a Loaf to Eat by George Levenson, illustrated by Shmuel Thaler

This book has wonderful photos of breads, wheat, measuring, kneading, and baking. It’s a perfect introduction to bread. The back pages have more information and a bread recipe.

 Fairy Cooking by Rebecca Gilpin and Catherine Atkinson

Thinking of having a fairy party? This book will help you make all the food! There are recipes for cookies, candy, pastries, cupcakes, and more.

 All in Just One Cookie by Susan E Goodman, illustrated by Timothy Bush

Company is coming so Grandma starts baking cookies. Her pets help by researching all the ingredients that Grandma uses. It’s quite clever and reminds me a little of the Magic School Bus books. The recipe for chocolate chip cookies is in the back.

 Sweet Eats: Mmmore than Just Desserts by Rose Dunnington

The chapter heading will give you a good idea of what this book has to offer: Soft Stuff, Munchies, Pie in the Sky, Have Your Cake, and Blissful Bites. This book is spiral bound so it lays flat. I like that in a cookbook!

 Bake and Make: Amazing Cookies by Elizabeth Macleod

As the title says, this cookbook is all about cookies. I like the simplicity of the directions. Most have only 3-5 directions. There is a section for holidays and one for seasons, which can be handy.

 The Star Wars Cookbook: Wookiee Pies, Clone Scones, and Other Galactic Goodies by Robin Davis

May the Force be with all aspiring Jedi cooks as they use Yoda, Darth Vader, and R2-D2-shaped cookie cutters to create 30 sweet and savory treats! From Chocolate Chewies to Obi-Wan Tons, this galactic cookbook features easy-to-make recipes for Star Wars–themed treats that will delight any Jedi appetite. (I wasn’t able to read this book—this is the description from the library website.)

My Cookbook of Baking by Laura and Jess Tilli (sorry, no link)

This cookbook has a little of everything: cupcakes, muffins, potatoes, pasta, cookies, and more. The directions are very clear with pictures showing each step.

Looking for other types of cookbooks? Click here.

So… What did you bake today?



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