My Cute Baker: The Joys and Rewards of Baking with Children

Today’s guest post is from the family baking blog, My Cute Baker. Baking and other types of cooking are such terrific ways to spend time together as a family. And following recipes are such perfect opportunities to practice literacy skills!

The Joys and Rewards of Baking with Children

When young, most children are very creative and love to make things, mix things, try to do “grown-up” things etc. They would get excited about new experiences, new responsibilities and their own new creations. Parents should encourage a child’s early creativity and drive by providing them with a fun safe outlet for this creativity – it can cut back on coloring on the walls if they know they can have fun being creative with you. An easy way to begin is to ask your children to help bake some pancakes for breakfast; it is something simple to start with and can get them started on a fun constructive hobby that will benefit the child and the family. When children help in the kitchen, they feel more grown up, increasing their self-respect. They learn the basics of nutrition and cooking which can help keep them healthy the rest of their lives and it is a fantastic way to spend quality time with your children. By making it a regular or even semi-regular thing, setting aside time to bake together, sharing, working toward a common goal and yes, being social, you can encourage your children in new experiences and help them to become more active, creative and self-sufficient.


After you have gone through the basics with your child, let them select a simple cake or cupcake recipe. Making an easy butter cream frosting and letting them add some nice jelly to give it a bright color (we prefer to not use food coloring, and jelly or jam gives a nice flavor) will keep their attention and be fun to frost the cake with. Melt some chocolate and bring out the artist in your child; let them drip/draw it into shapes on wax paper, cool their drawings in the fridge and then use the chocolate creations to decorate the cake after it’s frosted.


There is much more for you to read, plus pictures, on the My Cute Baker website. Click here to read on…


Many thanks to Angelina and the My Cute Baker family!


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