Pictures! Story! Action! Graphic Novels for All

Time for graphic novels! Graphic novels have lots going for them: pictures that tell so much, great stories, and lots of action. I’ve grouped these books loosely in
order of difficulty.


Long Tail Kitty
by Lark Pien                       

Long Tail Kitty has 5 short adventures: at home, making a
new friend, skating with an old friend, cooking with friends, and playing with
alien friends. The last pages show how to draw long tail kitty. This is a good
beginner graphic novel.


 Binky to the Rescue
by Ashley Spires                     

Binky the cat and Ted, his stuffed mouse, fall out of a
window. Binky uses all his hero skills to combat space aliens (spiders and
bees) to get himself home again. But where is Ted? Oh no, he left him
outside—time to be a hero again!


 Sticky Burr:
Adventure in Burrwood Forest
by John Lechner  

Sticky Burr is a burr, who is interested in painting,
writing, and playing the ukulele. Bullies chase him out of the forest and this
leads him to more adventures. He returns home to save his forest friends from
wild dogs.


 Ottoline and the
Yellow Cat
by Chris Riddell   

Ottoline and her small furry friend Mr. Munroe had me
interested from the first page to the last. Ottoline’s parents travel the world
collecting interesting things, leaving Ottoline to fend for herself, rather
like Pippi Longstocking. Even without the mystery, I would enjoy reading about
Ottoline—the mystery just makes it better.


Salt Water Taffy:
The Legend of Old Salty
by Matthew

Brothers Benny and Jack are not expecting much of their
family vacation on the coast of Maine. 
But when Benny is pinched by a lobster in a salt-water taffy
bin, things get more interesting. This is a quick and fun read and is first
of a series.


 To Dance: A
Ballerina’s Graphic Novel
by Sienna Cherson Siegel, illustrated by Mark
Siegel Gr 4-7

The author is a ballerina and this is her story of dance.
This book is full of inspiring story and has a very strong dance feel to it. A perfect book for dancers and those who think
about dance.


 Middle School is
Worse than Meatloaf: A Year Told Through Stuff
by Jennifer L. Holm,
illustrated by Elicia Castaldi          

Written by the author of the Babymouse, Amelia and
other series, this book is quite perfect. It’s like the diary I wish I could
have written in middle school, or any other time, for that matter. It’s funny,
charming, clever, and sad—just like life is, especially middle school.


 Hyperactive by
Scott Christian Sava, illustrated by Joseph Bergin III        

Twelve-year-old Joey suddenly becomes the fastest person in
the world. He can run 100 miles an hour and do all of his chores before a
commercial finishes on TV. No one knows why but a drug company wants to use
Joey’s DNA for military purposes. The graphics are perfectly hyperactive.


 Primates: The Fearless
Science of Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey, and Birute Galdikas
by Jim Ottaviani
and Maris Wicks  

I have known about Jane Goodall and Dian Fossey for a long
time and have admired their work with chimpanzees and mountain gorillas. But I learned
about Birute Galdikas and her work with chimpanzees just this week. Each woman’s
story is told in this terrific 3-chapter biography. If you want to learn about
these women, check out this book.


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