Books about the Human Body for Older Kids (Grades 5-8)

week’s human body books are for older kids, grades 5-8. But if you aren’t in
those grades, don’t hesitate to check these books out anyway. They may have
just what is interesting to you. Plus, check out
week’s books
for more.


 Human Body: A Visual

by Richard Walker and others

book has lots of information in it. It covers all the body systems, plus the
life cycle, senses, and personality. It explains how the body works through
pictures, and clear text. It’s set up so you can read it cover-to-cover or just
jump around.


 Open Me Up:
Everything You Need to Know about the Human Body
by Laura Buller and

is a big book (256 pages) and has a whole lot of information in it. The
information is well presented. It’s broken up into small segments, with lots of
pictures. It seems to cover just about everything you’d ever need to know about
the human body. It also has a cool cover.


 Human Body Factory:
The Nuts and Bolts of Your Insides
by Dan Green 

book looks at the inner workings of our bodies. It includes systems, organs,
and processes, all using a factory approach. The illustrations are quite

 Really, Really Big
Questions about Me and My Body
by Dr. Stephen Law, illustrated by Marc

book really is full of big questions. The chapter headings give a good idea of
what’s covered. Who am I? How Does My Body Work? Mind-Boggling Me, What Can I
Know? The 56 questions cover a lot of ground!


bThe Way We Work:
Getting to Know the Amazing Human Body
by David McCauley

book has a ton of information. It’s not for beginners but it would be perfect
if you are really into knowing how
the body works.


 Totally Human: Why
We Look and Act the Way We Do
by Cynthia Pratt Nicholson, illustrated by
Dianne Eastman

is a question-and-answer book. Some of the 22 questions answered: Why do you crave junk food? Why do you shake
when you’re scared? Why do you remember? Why do you burp and fart?


 A Zombie’s Guide to the Human Body: Tasty Tidbits from Head to Toe by Paul Beck

This book takes a definitely different slant
towards the human body. 
It contains all of the information
you need to know about the human body, except with a zombie twist. If zombies
make you uncomfortable, you probably should avoid this book.

 Body Science: The head-to-Toe Guide to the Science in You by James Cracknell

This book focuses on the science behind why we can do what we do. The 4 chapters deal with Energy, Control, Movement, and Future. It’s well put together and an interesting book to read straight through or just skip around in.


to look at here! I hope you have a great time learning about your body!


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