Books about the Human Body for Younger Kids (K-5)

Our bodies are amazing things. Just thinking about all the
parts and systems makes my mind spin. This week’s books were written for kids
in grades kindergarten to five. But don’t let that stop you if you don’t fit in that range. There is plenty of information in these books for everyone
to enjoy.

I’ve arranged these books somewhat by interest/reading
level, with the easiest one first. Looking for more? I’ll have a whole new set
of books to explore next week for older kids (grades 4-8)


 Body Actions by Shelley Rotner and David A. White 

This is a really terrific beginning book on the
human body. It has simple text and perfectly clear illustrations that use
photos of kids.


 My Body by Andrea Pinnington and Penny Lamprell 

This book is like the one above but offers more
information. It’s also a terrific beginning book on the human body.


 Your Body by Brenda Stones and Thea Feldman 

This early reader (Level 2) offers basic
information about individual body parts (eyes, skin, hair…) and body systems
(nervous, respiratory…).


 Human Body A to Z by Laura Gates Galvin, illustrated by Judy
MacDonald 9781607272960

Each letter of the alphabet is about the human
body (Anatomy, Brain, Cells…). The text is written in short rhymes and the
illustrations are clear and colorful.


 Give Me a Hand: The Secrets of Hands, Feet, Arms,
and Legs
 by Melissa
Stewart, illustrated by Janet Hamlin

Melissa Stewart is one of my favorite nonfiction
authors. She writes fun, interesting, and useful books. I always learn
something new from her books. This book, one from her The Gross and Goofy
 series gives lots of great information about hands, gripping,
feet, walking, and lots more. Be sure to check out the other books in this
series, too.


 Eyes and Ears by Seymour Simon

If you are looking for solid information about
your eyes and ears, this is the perfect book. Written at an upper elementary
level, it clearly explains how eyes and ears work. The illustrations are
amazing. Be sure to also check out the other human body books by Seymour Simon.


 You Can’t See a Bone with Binoculars: a Guide
to Your 206 Bones
Harriet Zeifert, illustrated by Amanda Haley

The text and illustrations take you on a tour
through the human skeleton. Readers are encouraged to find and feel each bone
as it is described. It’s based, quite loosely, on the song that starts, The
head bone is connected to the neck bones
. I like this book a lot.


 My Brain by Dana Meachan Rau

This book does a nice job of simply explain how
the brain is in charge of everything our bodies do. The illustrations are
mostly photos of kids performing as their brain directs. This is part of the What’s
Inside Me? 


 From Head to Toe: The Amazing Human Body and
How It Works 
Barbara Seuling, illustrated by Edward Miller

This is quite a nice book. It has interesting
bits of information about all the body systems. The illustrations are clear and
entertaining. And there are neat experiments for each of the systems, such as
making a hinge joint and making a muscle.


 Movers & Shapers: Bones, Muscles, and
 by Dr. Patricia McNair

This is a well designed book from the Bodyscope series.
Every page gives lots of information that is broken into small chunks and
supported by illustrations. At the end, there are a glossary, an index,
websites and a pull-out poster with some of the best illustrations. 

Don’t forget to check back next Monday for more books about our amazing human body!


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