MORE ABC Books for Everyone

As I said last
week’s post
, I love ABC books. So much, in fact, I’ve needed 2 weeks to
show them all. Here’s the second batch:


 All the Awake Animals are Almost Asleep by Crescent Dragonwagon, illustrated by
David McPhail

A young boy is not
sleepy at bedtime so his mother tells him the animals are all getting sleepy.
Each letter has its own animal dropping off: Antelope is already asleep all the way to his antlers.  Hedgehog is hibernating, hiding in her hole.
Walrus wades into the waves and catches forty wet winks.
A perfect bedtime


 If Rocks Could Sing: a Discovered Alphabet by Leslie McGuirk

I don’t know how
this author found a rock that depicts each letter of the alphabet, but I’m glad
she did. She actually found a bird, an elephant, a mitten, a question mark,
plus a rock for each letter! This book makes me want to start collecting!


 N is for Navidad by Susan Middleton Elya and Merry Banks,
illustrated by Joe Cepeda

A is for ángels, E
is for estrella, J is for José, M is for mantilla, T is for tamales… Each
letter has a Spanish word, an explaining rhyme, and a beautifully colorful
illustration. I’ll be looking at this book for Christmas.


 An ABC of What Art Can Be by Meher McArthur, illustrations by
Esther Pearl Watson

As you might
guess, each letter shows some part of art: B—brush, D—drawings, O—origami,
V—vanishing point… The illustrations show a variety of styles: painting,
drawing, collage, wood block, and others.


by Bob McLeod

is one of my favorites. Written comic book style, each page is fun to read
(especially aloud!) and to look at. Say this: Multiplying Mike becomes many more men in moments.


Disappearing Alphabet
by Richard Wilbur, illustrated by David

is a collection of twenty-six short poems wondering about what the world would
be like if any letters of the alphabet should disappear. A short example: At breakfast time, the useful letter T preserves
us all from eating Shredded Whea


 Pignic by Anne
Miranda, illustrations by Rosekrans Hoffman

The annual
family pignic came only once a year
. Each pig family member (there are
26 of them, of course) brings something from the alphabet. I tried to guess the
food on each page – not always successfully!


 ABCs in

by Daniel Nunn

is a basic ABC book with wonderful close-ups of Acorn, Butterfly, Crab…, plus a
short bit of information about each nature item. This is part of the Everyday Alphabet series.


post has ABC games for the family and Friday’s post has ABC online ABC games.
Keep that ABC fun coming!


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