ANOTHER Dozen Books for Halloween Mayhem

Halloween is only 2 weeks away! Here are some books to keep you happy until the day comes. Click here for last week’s books.



New Crafts for Halloween
by Kathy
Ross, illustrated by Sharon Lane Holm

are lots of good crafts here and are clearly written and illustrated. My
favorites: Batty Ear Dangles and The Great Spider Race.


Megan Cooley Peterson

book has simple text and some fairly amazing jack-o’-lantern photos. After a
brief history, there are directions for cutting and painting jack-o’-lanterns.


Geographic Kids: Halloween
by Laura

informational book covers many aspects of Halloween: trick-or-treating,
costumes, jack-o’-lanterns, history, and more. It’s a level 1 early reader.




Took My Hairy Toe?
retold by Shutta Crum, illustrated by
Katya Krenina

title! This is an old Southern folk tale. On All Hallows’ Eve, an old man
steals some tar and puts it in his pocket. Next he finds a big hairy toe,
covered in fur. He puts that into his pocket, too, and heads home. When he puts
his hand in his pocket, his hand sticks to the tar and the tar is stuck to the
hairy toe. Bad enough, but then a red-eyed (scary!) monster comes, saying, “Who
took my hairy toe?”


Nefarious Silliness
by Calef

are terrific beg-to-be-read-aloud poems. The illustrations are terrific
too—more funny that scary. There are poems the whole family will enjoy.


Newbery Halloween
selected by Martin H. Greenberg and
Charles G. Waugh

is a collection of 12 short stories and excerpts of novels by Newbery-winning
authors. The stories include Beverly Cleary’s Ramona and Eleanor Estes’s Moffat
family. There are ghost stories by Paul Fleischman and Phyllis Reynolds Naylor.
Not all stories have a Halloween theme, but all have mystery and supernatural
activity. Perfect for nighttime read alouds.


Dav Pilkey

is a dog who is half-a-dog tall and
one-and-a-half dogs long
(a dachshund). All the other dogs tease him until
one Halloween night. The text and pictures are really funny. If you like puns,
you’re going to love this book.


Say Boo!
Susan Hood, illustrated by Jed Henry

should you say when you come across scary things? BOO! The illustrations switch from scary to fun with each turn of
the page. This would be a perfect read-aloud for young kids.


Haunted Rooms of Halloween
by Macky

young bear ventures into a haunted house. This book tells about what he sees as
he creeps from room to room. Based on The
Twelve Days of Christmas
, it’s very fun and you just about have to sing
along. In addition to the clever rhymes, the illustrations are like a spooky
Where’s Waldo – with over 375 items to find.


Aaron Reynolds, illustrated by Peter Brown

Rabbit loves carrots and eats them morning, noon and night. But then they start
following him home. He can see them but no one else can. Is he imagining them
lurking in the background? Hard to say…


Halloween Night!
by Jennifer O’Connell, illustrated by
Jennifer Morris

Halloween night, kids dress up to go trick or treating. Readers are invited to
guess the costume from the clues given (With
this pointy hat and my spooky cat…
) This is a young not-too-scary book.


Hunt” A Spot-It Challenge
by Sarah L.

two-page spread has a collage of photos that are collections of interesting and
yet creepy things. This is pretty challenging!


Squirrel Prepares for Halloween
by Mélanie Watt

Squirrel books always make me laugh…many times. In this one, Scaredy Squirrel
gives advice on a number of Halloween subjects: decorations, costumes, candy,
and more. Basically, how to survive. I think my favorite is Rational Excuses to Not Enter a Haunted

Happy Halloween reading! Which Halloween books are your favorites? Write them in the Comments Box!



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