Wordless Books: Perfect Portals to Literacy


book post had lots of wordless books
(with more to come!). I love wordless books because they offer so many
opportunities to boost literacy skills.


spark stories.
As wonderful as books with words are,
they tell you what the story is. Wordless
books show you a general structure
and you discover/provide the plot and details.


spark imagination.
How many stories can one book tell?
Each time you read through a wordless book, the story can change a little, as
you think of new possibilities or notice new details. Are you sharing a book
with more than one child? Try slowly going through the book, without saying a
word, inviting your children to make up a story. Then ask each child to share
his ideas. Once the children have shared, feel free to add your thoughts.


invite ownership of stories.
books encourage authorship. Every child owns her own interpretation.


can be read by readers and nonreaders.
Not only
can anyone read them, they can strut their story-telling stuff!


reinforce story elements.
By making
up their own stories, children can experience first-hand how to craft stories
with beginning, middle, and end.


provide great practice for creating dialogue.
So what are
the characters saying? How do they speak? Do they like to use big words? Do
they tell jokes? Do they yell? Do they whisper? You are in charge of the


provide prediction possibilities.
I love to
make predictions when I read, both with kids and in my own reading. Prediction
keeps us engaged. With wordless books, you can predict future actions of the
characters and also what to visually expect on the next page.


build vocabulary.
Wordless books invite children and
adults to use the words that come naturally. They aren’t limited by sight words,
controlled vocabulary, or grade level expectations. You are just talking!


lot has been written about using wordless books. Check out these links to find
more ideas and book suggestions.

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hope you enjoy exploring wordless books!


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