Promoting Literacy with Thanksgiving Fun: Family Cooking

Promoting Literacy with Thanksgiving Fun: Family Cooking

with kids is a perfect literacy activity. You research ideas, read and follow
directions, experience family closeness, and then you get to eat! What could be

are some ideas I’ve come across. See if any of them will suit your family. 

Easy, Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving Recipes from


Kid Friendly Thanksgiving Menu from Disney


Oreo Turkey Snack from DLTK


Baked Cornucopia, Harvest Centerpiece and Holiday Snack Mix from Kids
Cooking Activities


Appetizers from Spoonful


Desserts from Spoonful


Kid Friendly
from Food


Click here for last week’s ideas for Thanksgiving literacy fun.

What are your Thanksgiving cooking traditions? Please share them in the
Comments box below!

hope your Thanksgiving is restful, full of thanks, and blessed.


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