Bring In the New Year with Books

Bring In the New Year
with Books

New Year’s Day is such a
positive holiday. It’s a time to think back to all the good things that have
happened over the past year. It’s also a time to look forward to a new

Today’s books are all
about New Year’s Day. There are books with basic information, books that tell
about how the day is celebrated around the world, and books that tell stories.



Happy New Year by Abbie Mercer

This book gives history,
a recipe, a craft idea, and information about Chinese New Year and Rosh


New Year’s Day by Lynn Peppas

This book covers
history, fireworks, food, parades, music, customs and other New Year’s Day


New Year’s Day by Kathryn Imler

Some of the chapters
include: The Roman Calendar, How January Got Its Name, Out with the
Old, Some Traditions, Important Date
 and others. The illustrations are
a nice mix of color photos and old drawings.


Happy New Year,
 by Arlene Erlbach,
illustrated by Sharen Lane Holm

Twenty countries are
covered, including Brazil, China, Ghana, India, Israel, and Vietnam. Each
country includes the date, name, greeting used, a world map that shows where
the country is, and a little of the customs. Plus, there is an activity that
represents the country’s traditions.


New Year Traditions
around the World
Ann Malaspina, illustrated by Elisa Chavarri (sorry, no link)

This book tells about
celebrations in Thailand, Haiti, Mexico, Greece, Israel, India, China, and
Iran. The illustrations include both photos and paintings.




The Peace Bell by Margi Preus, illustrated by Hideko Takahashi

A Japanese grandmother
tells of the bell that once hung in her home town and was rung on New Year’s
Eve. When the war was being fought, towns all over Japan donated their bells to
be melted down to make guns. After many years, the bell of the grandmother’s
town was found in the U.S. and returned. Based on the story of a real bell,
this is a lovely story. I want to hear the bell!


Squirrel’s New Year’s
 by Pat Miller, illustrated by Kathi Ember

When Squirrel learns
about New Year’s resolutions, he wants to make one. As he tries to think of one
he meets up with friend after friend who have already made theirs. Squirrel is
frustrated until he learns that not only does he have a resolution, he’s
already started working on it.


Just in Time for New
 by Karen Gray Ruelle

Emily and Harry convince
their parents to let them stay up until midnight on New Year’s Eve. For three
nights they practice trying to stay awake but aren’t very successful. What will
they do to stay awake on New Year’s Eve? This is an early reader, level 2.


Angelina Ice Skates by Katharine Holabird, illustrated by Helen Craig

Angelina and her friends
are practicing for a big ice-skating show they were giving for the village New
Year’s Ice Dance. They worked hard but are constantly interrupted by two of the
village boys. Angelina figures out how to get them to stop and to make their
show even better. Their show looks quite enchanting.


Happy New Year!


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