MORE Cold and Cozy Winter Books

MORE Cold and Cozy Winter Books

With just  2 more days until January, it’s time to get serious about winter . Here are several more winter books to help. For the last batch of books, click here.

Winter by
Stephanie Turnbull

outstanding photos and simple, well-written statements of winter information,
this book gives an excellent introduction to winter.


el invierno/I See Winter
by Charles
Ghigna, illustrated by Ag Jatkowska

kids look at all the sights in their neighborhood and comment on them. Each
page has one short sentence in English and in Spanish.



by Eugenie Fernandes (sorry, no link)

are animals all around as Kitten returns home through a wintery day. Each
double-page spread has a 4-word sentence such as, Turtle burrows, Beaver naps. The illustrations nicely support the


It’s Snowy and You Know It, Clap Your Paws
by Kim
Norman, illustrated by Liza Woodruff

ready to sing! The author has written 11 new verses to If You’re Happy and You Know It, all based on winter. I don’t know
which is more fun, the verses or the illustrations. Really, it’s a tie!


Two Alike
Keith Baker

red birds notice, No two snowflakes are
alike, almost, almost…but not quite.
They fly through the woods and fields
observing other things that are almost, but not quite, alike: tracks, roads,
branches, woods… This is a simple and yet profound little book.


Groundhog and the February Fox
by Susan Blackaby, illustrated by Carmen

wakes up on February 2 and is sad to see her shadow. Phooey! That means there
will be weeks more of winter. A fox comes by and is happy to see
Brownie—breakfast! Brownie convinces him that it’s too late for breakfast and too
early for lunch. Together, they explore the woods for signs of spring. Brownie
proves she is quite clever as she manages to thwart the fox’s attempts to eat


My Friend Rabbit and the Snow Geese by Eric

the first day of winter, Rabbit and Mouse visit their friends the Gibble Goose
Girls. It’s the geese’s first snow. At first they are shy about it but Rabbit
and Mouse show them how to have fun. This is a My Readers Level 1 book.



by Liesbet Slegers

simple board book presents winter things (hat, scarf, bare tree, snowman…). The
simple text and pictures are perfect for young kids.


and Honey Bee: A Pair of Friends in Winter
by Megan McDonald, illustrated by G.
Brian Karas

the first day of winter but Ant is not ready to hibernate and snd she misses
her friend, Honey Bee. Honey Bee hasn’t gone into hibernation, either, but she
doesn’t want company—she just wants to be alone. Since Ant is just too lonely
to be alone, she goes to visit her friend. This is terrific early reader—a
little like the wonderful Frog and Toad


Happy New Year!


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