4 Fun Game and Book Sites for Kids

4 Fun Game and Book Sites for Kids

are 4 websites that I think you might like trying out. The first 2 sites are
ones that has a bunch of games for practicing listening and vision skills.

Game Goo

first site is one my students loved to use. It has lots of games that give
practice with listening to sounds. They may not be as exciting as video games,
but they’re fun anyway. My personal favorite: Wizards and Pigs Poetry Pickle. It took me awhile, but I finally
mastered it!

Eye Can Learn

site gives practice with visual skills. Again, not a wild video game but it
does offer some challenges you might enjoy.

are 2 sites that are based on books that you’ve probably seen and maybe read.

Magic School Bus

site has lots to check out.

  • games
    based on the Magic School House books
  • coloring
  • science
  • science
  • online

Magic Tree House

site offers adventures to follow. You are asked a series of questions to get
clues. When you’ve gotten all 4 clues, there’s one more question to solve the
mystery. Don’t know the answer? No problem. When I gave the wrong answers, I
was just given more chances until I got it right.

be allowed to play the game once, without registering. Registering means giving
your first name and your parents email address. If you register, they’ll keep
track of your medals and offer more adventures.


let me know what you think of these sites!


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