Valentine’s Day Books to Make Your Heart Sing

Day Books to Make Your Heart Sing

I’m a big fan of Valentine’s Day. There are cards, hugs, and chocolate. What else could I ask for? Not all of the books in this post are strictly for Valentine’s Day. Some are just about love and friendship. Close enough!

Valentine’s Day
by Tara Jaye Morrow, illustrated by Aaron

tries so hard to create the perfect valentine for his Mama, but as much as he
tries, it doesn’t look very good. In the end, Mama shows him that he’s created
a wonderful valentine for her.


Yuckiest, Stinkiest, Best Valentine Ever
by Brenda
A. Ferber, illustrated by Tedd Arnold

this is not a typical Valentine’s Day book! Leon has a crush on Zoey Maloney.
He creates a valentine heart with arms, legs, and a face. As soon as he writes
his loving message, the valentine leaps from his hands and runs off, chanting,
Love is yucky. Stinky too. It will turn
your brain to goo!
As Leon chases Valentine, they pick up a cheering crowd.
Sort of like The Gingerbread Man,
this book is very fun!



by Patti Stren

Elliot really wants is a hug. But since he’s a porcupine, no one is interested,
not even the other porcupines. Elliot tries all sorts of things to become
lovable but no one thinks hugging a porcupine is a good idea. Until he meets
Thelma… This is not exactly a Valentine’s Day book, but still it’s about hugs.
Love the illustrations!


Giant Crush
Gennifer Choldenko, illustrated by Melissa Sweet

is much bigger than all the other rabbits and is too shy to tell Cami he has a
crush on her. Leading up to Valentine’s Day, he gives her a flower and some
chocolates but he doesn’t tell her they are from him. Will he tell her the
giant valentine she got on Valentine’s Day is from him? This story tells
about courage, being honest about your feelings, and being a good friend.

for a terrific companion story, read,

Valentine for Norman Noggs
by Valiska Gregory, illustrated by
Marsha Winborn


Be Mine
Jacqueline Farmer, illustrated by megan Halsey and Sean Addy

nonfiction book is filled with Valentine’s Day information. It covers the
origin of the holiday’s name and why it is celebrated on February 14. It tells
about the early traditions and how a woman created the Valentine card industry.
Want to know why cupids, flowers, and chocolates are popular symbols around the
world? It’s in here.


for Rapunzel

by Leah Wilcox, illustrated by Lydia Monks

is not your traditional Rapunzel story! A prince overhears Rapunzel complaining
in her tower. He rushes to save her, calling up instructions, starting with
having her throw down her hair. She mishears and throws down her underwear.
Things don’t get much clearer after that. No valentines, but love does win out,
but not in the way you might think.


of Hearts
Mary Engelbreit

Estelle loves Valentine’s Day and throws her heart into decorating her
valentines box at school. She creates a masterpiece but on Valentine’s Day she
realizes she totally forgot to make valentines. Fortunately, her quick thinking
and kind heart saves the day.


and Odder: A Love Story
by James
Howe, illustrated by Chris Raschka

has a problem. He’s fallen in love with Myrtle, a fish. He knows this is
impossible. “I am in love with my food source.” Otter and Myrtle decide they
must give up on their love, until Otter figures out a way to solve the problem.
This is an odd story with odd illustrations but it works well to tell a
satisfying story.


Many Valentines
by Margaret McNamara, illustrated by
Mike Gordon

tells his class he did NOT want any valentines this year. So all the kids give
valentines to each other, but not to him. Neil thinks he’s okay with this but
he doesn’t feel so happy by the end of the day. No problem, his classmates
figure out what he does want.

There are more Valentine’s Day books coming next Monday


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