Dinosaur Fever! Books for the Whole Family

Fever! Books for the Whole Family


If you are a
dinosaur fan, I think you’ll like a lot of today’s books. I tried to include a
mix of nonfiction and fiction books. 

For the fiction books, I looked for books
in which the dinosaur characters were dinosaurs—not ones that acted like people
and just happened to look like dinosaurs.


Do We Know About Dinosaurs?
Rebecca Olien, illustrated by Katie McDee

beginner graphic book does a really nice job of showing how scientists use fossils
to gather knowledge about dinosaurs. Along with clear text and graphics, the
back pages have a glossary and further resources.


You Tell a Brachiosaurus from an Apatosaurus?
by Buffy Silverman 

Using clear
text, photographs, and illustrations, this book compares the two dinosaurs. It
compares parts such as legs and teeth, plus eating habits. It’s nicely done.
The series includes 5 other books comparing similar dinosaurs, such as
Tyrannosaurus and Allosaurus.


Spotted Feathered Frilled
Catherine Thimmesh

This book is
pretty amazing. It explores how paleoartists figure out what dinosaurs probably
looked like. Working with clues from plant and rock studies and other sources,
they decide on details such as muscles, scales, feathers, and other details
that fossils only suggest. This is a book for upper elementary and older


If Dinosaurs Lived in My Town by Marianne Plumridge, illustrated by
Bob Eggleston

This book
combines humor (If Stegosaurus lived in
my town…we would climb on her plates like a jungle gym!
) with facts about
the individual dinosaurs. The illustrations are fun—they combine photos of real
people and town settings with paintings of the dinosaurs.


Dominate: Jurassic Life
Dougal Dixon

Each of the
12 dinosaurs in this book has a painting, a fact file, a fossil, and a short
description. The back pages include 2 glossaries, one of the dinosaur families
and one of dinosaur vocabulary.


by Daniel
Loxton, illustrated by Daniel Loxton and Jim W.W. Smith

Quetzalcoatlus was a large pterosaur (extinct
flying reptile). It was one of the largest animals that ever flew. This book
describes a day in the life of one Quetzalcoatlus,
based on what is known about its life on Earth. The illustrations are a nice
combination of present-day photos and pterosaur/dinosaur paintings.


and Other Prehistoric Types
by Sharon Werner and Sarah Forss

This is an
ABC book with fantastic
illustrations. Each dinosaur picture is created of hundreds of the first letter
of the dinosaur’s name. Some illustrations have one or more flaps that make the
illustration even better. Although there aren’t a lot of facts on each animal,
each fact is really interesting. I love this book!


Greatest Dinosaur Ever
Brenda Z. Guiberson, illustrated by Gennady Spiron

Each of 12
dinosaurs declares, in a single paragraph, why it is the greatest dinosaur
ever. The large painted illustrations show the dinosaurs in their environments.
I could see this book leading to lively discussions!


Dinosaurs by Sarah Walker and Samantha Gray

This DK
Eyewitness book is full of dinosaur information. There are 21 two-page
chapters, covering topics such as skeletons, herds, brain power, and the
digging up of dinosaurs. There are lots of strong illustrations and clear text.
The last pages contain two quizzes, a board game, a maze, and a glossary.


Dinosaurs Dead, Dad?
Julie Middleton, illustrated by Russell Ayto

A boy and
his father are at a museum. Surrounded by gigantic dinosaurs, the boy asks,
“Are dinosaurs dead, Dad?” Of course the father says no, but the boy is not
convinced. In the end, the father has his doubts, too. Funny!


Dino-Basketball by
Lisa Wheeler, illustrated by Barry Gott

The Grass
Clippers (plant eaters) and the Meat (meat-eaters) are ready to play ball. They
are fierce players and both teams use their best skills. If you are a
basketball and a dinosaur fan, this book is for you. And if you are a fan of
wrestling, football, or baseball, this series also has a book for you.


at the Dino-Wash Deluxe
Tim Myers, illustrated by Macky Pamintuan

A boy works
at a dino-wash, where they scrub, rinse, and dry dinosaurs. All goes well until
a scary T-rex shows up. Nervous, the boy gets ready to use the shampoo. But
T-rex wants nothing to do with shampoo. Can you guess why?


Dinosaur Kisses by Davis Ezra Stein

When Dinah
hatches, she has to explore and try things out. When she sees two animals kiss,
she wants to try that out, too. However, she doesn’t get the hang of it right
away… I particularly like the little picture on the last page.


by Niki

It’s closing
time at the Dinosaur Museum. Some of the dinosaurs come alive and tease and
argue. This Level 1 DK Reader would be perfect for young dinosaur lovers.


No doubt,
some of you have a favorite dinosaur. Write its name in the Comments Box!


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