Making ABC Books—Very Fun!

Making ABC
Books—Very Fun!


post offered lots of ABC books to explore. Some were basic books,
others were definitely not. Today’s post gives you some ideas for making your
own. Why?

Making ABC

  • Is
  • Can
    be very personal
  • Can
    support a child’s passion
  • Gets kids thinking about themselves as authors
  • Gives practice with learning sounds
  • Gives opportunities to be creative and silly


The pictures
in an ABC book can come from different sources:

  • Pictures
    cut from magazines
  • Computer
    clip art
  • Photos
    from the family collection
  • Photos
    taken by the author just for the book
  • Pictures
    drawn by the author/illustrator
  • Any combination of sources


There are
different ways to approach the making of an ABC book. Here are some approaches
used in published ABC books. Each approach gives one book that illustrates it
and is included in Monday’s book post.

Each letter is represented by one or more pictures of common objects. (A is for
apple, B is for boat…) Brian
Wildsmith’s ABC

Each letter is represented by one or more pictures of things that fall into a
single theme. (A is for apple, B is for banana…) This is great for capitalizing
on a passion. Alphabet Trucks

Each letter is represented by a riddle (B, I am yellow. I have a peel. People
and monkeys eat me.) Animal ABC

Each letter is represented by an alliterative sentence or phrase (Little Lulu
loved lemon lollipops.) Great for drawn illustrations! Augie to Zebra

A main character travels and on her way, sees (collects/jumps over/paints…)
objects that represent each letter of the alphabet. Old Black Fly

Each letter is represented by something that doesn’t actually exist. (A is for
antsyfant, B is for battyblew…) Another good one for drawn illustrations! A is for Alliguitar


making ABC books is simply a fun idea, making them could also be used for other
reasons. Some that come to mind include:

  • Gifts
    for younger siblings, parents, grandparents, friends
  • A fun
    way to dive into a passion
  • School
    projects to demonstrate mastery of a subject
  • Book
  • Family
  • Vacation
  • Show
    and tell at school


I hope you
are seeing the possibilities of making ABC books. Perhaps you’ve already
created some? Write about your experiences in the Comments Box!


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