Money Literacy: How to Talk to Your Kids about Money

Money Literacy: How to Talk
to Your Kids about Money


is not my favorite topic of conversation. However, it is an integral part of
life, both for us and for our children. Helping a child learn how to be a good
money manager is a smart step towards a happy life.

with many other things I’ve discovered while researching for blog posts, this
post taught me things that I wish I’d known when my son was little. A little
late now, but I’m happy to pass this information on to help other parents.

you look at these links, you’ll find there are common ideas on how to talk to
kids about money. But there are differing views, too (like regarding allowance).
I hope you find some ideas that will work for you.


How to Talk to Your Kids About
from How Things Work

Key points:

  • Start young
  • Use visuals
  • Use real life lessons
  • Give your child an allowance
  • Encourage saving


Five Good Habits to Instill In Your Children from Suze Orman


  • ATM ABCs…
    (why ATMs give out money)
  • Shop Talk
    (mall discipline)
  • Bill of
    Rights (managing money)
  • Gifts Are
    Not a Given (they should be special)
  • Give’em
    Credit (credit card savvy)

Sidebar: Allowances Have Got to Go also from Suze Orman



are some links that you may want to explore with your kids. I’ll have more game
links on Friday.

Banking Kids Page
from Banking Kids

activities include puzzles, coloring, and tutorials about money matters such as
checkbooks. There are links for preschool, elementary, and teens.



are links that lead to videos, facts, money tips, and games.


How to Earn Money (for Kids) from WikiHow

ideas for earning money that you can share with your kids


Printable Play Money from Printable Play Money

you can print for money activities


Math & Money for Kids from

Scroll down for links to lesson plans, games, and worksheets.


5 Games That Teach Kids about Money from My Bank Tracker

Board games and online games


Money Games from

games and activities


What money ideas have worked in your family? Please add them to the Comments Box!


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