Expedition Everest: A Lofty Writing Project for Student Writers

Expedition Everest: A Lofty Writing Project for Student Writers

Today’s guest post is from Martin Waller’s Moonstone Class. The class is Year 5 (Grade 5), at Holy Trinity Rosehill Primary School in the United Kingdom.  Their blog is an online space where members of the class can share their learning and views with the rest of the world. The students have their own usernames and passwords so that they can create blog posts both in school and at home.

I loved following the class’s Mount Everest project. The knowledge and creativity of the students impressed me, as did their enthusiasm. I was delighted when Martin and his class agreed to write a post about the project.


Expedition Everest

In Y5 Moonstone Class we have been taking part in an exciting project called Expedition Everest. Our project was focused on the biggest mountain in the world – Mount Everest. We started our project by exploring facts about the mountain environment. We were then in contact with Ben Stephens who trekked up Mount Everest in 2007. Ben sent us a presentation about his expedition including some amazing photographs which we used as inspiration for our art work.

Milly commented, “I enjoyed creating art work based on the harsh environment of Everest!”

“I liked looking at the sunset over the summit of Everest,” added Evan.

We then wrote newspaper reports about Ben’s triumphant summit to Everest.

Jack said, “Expedition Everest was fun and exciting – I enjoyed learning about Base Camp and Camp IV before the summit to Everest.”

We were then very fortunate to be able to interview Tori James as part of our project. Tori was the youngest British women and first Welsh women to successfully summit Mount Everest. We watched videos of her trek and she kindly answered our questions. You can see our full interview at: http://moonstone.htrblogs.net/2014/02/02/y5-moonstone-interview-tori-james/

Boaz comment, “I enjoyed the videos of the explorers on the summit of Everest.”

We then moved onto writing vivid and figurative poetry about the ‘Mother of the Earth’ and Matthew said that he really enjoyed this part of the project! Owen found it really helpful to use the pictures from Ben Stephens when writing his poetry.

Mr Waller then organised a special Skype session with adventure cameraman Keith Partridge, who helped realise an 88-year-old promise by taking an Olympic gold medal to the summit of Everest. Keith kindly answered our questions about the harsh environment and what it was like to be at the “roof of the world.”

Amelia reflected, “I enjoyed taking part in the Skype session with a real Everest explorer.”

Friend of Y5 Moonstone Class, Gail Terp kindly recommended the book “The Hunt for the Yeti Skull” by Elizabeth Singer Hunt which we used as the basis for writing our own fiction work. Towards the end of our projects we created a class compilation of stories called “Expedition Everest: The Yeti Sightings” and have started to publish these on our class blog. Matthew said, “I really enjoyed creating my Yeti story set on Mount Everest.”

Expedition Everest was an exciting cross-curricular project which inspired us to learn more about the great outdoors whilst also improving our literacy and writing skills. We are very thankful to Gail Terp, Keith Partridge, Ben Stephens and Tori James for helping make our project so special.


Y5 Moonstone is a connected classroom at Holy Trinity Rosehill C.E. (V.A.) Primary School in the United Kingdom. We use technology to help us with our learning. You can find out more on Twitter and on our class blogs:

Class blog: http://moonstone.htrblogs.net
Twitter: @Y5Moonstone
Mr Waller’s Twitter: @MisterWaller


Many thanks to Mr. Waller and his talented students!


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