Magic: An Exciting Avenue to Literacy!

Today’s Parent Post is by Domino, also known as Domino the Great. Domino has his own approach to promoting literacy with kids—he wows them with magic! When it comes to choosing a program for children that promotes reading in a unique way, school officials and youth services librarians often turn to Domino. They’ve learned he is a man who knows how to entertain kids in a way like no other. 


Magic: An Exciting Avenue to Literacy!

by Domino the Great

My stage name is Domino the Great, which almost everyone in the New York area knows well, as I am originally from there.  I have been entertaining kids for ten years now and have recently moved to Rhode Island to perform my educational programs and magic shows all over New England. I’ve taken my own love for reading and have created programs that educators just can’t get enough of. I use amazing magic tricks, storytelling, and audience interaction to create the most original programs you’ll find anywhere. 

First, I find a magic trick I believe the kids will love. Then I find a book on a subject that will bring the magic to life. For example, I have one magic trick about cookies. In the end, a volunteer ends up with a bag of cookies. I didn’t have to look hard to find the perfect book for this routine: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie


I perform at hundreds of schools each year, making me one of the most popular school assembly performers in the New York area. During the summer, you can find me at public libraries promoting reading during the summer reading program, which is a statewide program for kids. 

Each summer I write and produce a new program to match the state theme. This year the theme is, “Fizz, Boom, Read!” I’m super excited to be performing at over forty libraries with a brand new show. This year, I will be making water disappear, sharing a warm-hearted story about gold, and lots more. And as always, I will use books to make everything come to life. 


Hoping to catch my show? Check with your local library to see if I’ll be your area. Bring your kids for a fun-filled time that they won’t soon forget! 


Sounds like fun, right? Here are some links to find out more about Domino the Great and his magic:



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Thanks, Domino!



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