Gardening with Kids: Oh the Literacy Possibilities!

Gardening with Kids: Oh the Literacy Possibilities!


Gardening offers all sorts of family and literacy opportunities. Plus, it provides so much being-active-outside fun.


Kids Garden Reading Activities by Jacquie Fisher from The Educators Spin on It

I am a longtime fan of Jacquie and am happy to have found this. Some good ideas here!


Horticulture: Your Yard & Garden from UNL Extension in Lancaster County

There are activities, online word search puzzles, and an extensive gardening book list.


Gardening Gallery from Spoonful

There are 24 ideas to explore. I love the Little Grass House, #11!


Gardening for Kids from Kidspot

There are 30 different ideas for building, growing, and tending a garden.


Kids Gardening Activity, Learning and Coloring Sheets from Nourish Interactive

Scroll down for a variety of printable activities.


Food & Garden Activities for Kids from Community Food and Garden Network

This is a 11-page booklet with projects, games, and crafts.

Easy Gardening Activities for Kids from How Stuff Works

There are 9 activities. I want to try the Plant Your Socks idea!


Gardening with Kids from Pinterest

There are LOTS of ideas here!


23 Garden Crafts & Activities for Kids from No Time for Flashcards

Although it would take a fair amount of time and effort, I’d like to try the Backyard Photo Scavenger Hunt.



The gardening season is just beginning! Enjoy!



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