It’s Summer! Get Outside and Have Some Fun!

It’s Summer! Get Outside and Have Some Fun!


Time to get outside! And here are lots of ideas—and many I wish I’d thought of back when I had a life full of kids!


Outdoor Activities from Family Ed

There is an endless list of activities here!


50 Outdoor Summer Activities For Kids from Six Sisters’ Stuff

Yes, there are 50 activities!


10 Classic Outdoor Games for Summer from Mother Nature Network

Not sure how to play hopscotch? No worries—there is a video!


11 Water Games and Summer Activities for Kids from

Lots of fun ideas with simple water. Liquid Limbo looks like fun!


Four Simple Summer Game Ideas for Kids from Momtastic

Check out these fun games: Farmers & Lumberjacks, Fill It Up, Clean the Yard, and  “Egg” Relay Races


The Best Outdoor Games for Kids from Alphamom

Driveway baseball, elbow tag, musical sprinklers and more


Summer Games from Spoonful

LOTS of ideas. Hot out? Try Splash and Score!


Let this be your most active and fun summer ever!





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