Time to build! Activities for Young Architects

Time to build! Activities for Young Architects


Do you have kids who like to build things? Here are some ideas they might not have thought of yet. Not a builder? Here are some ideas to inspire. The first two sites have several activities each. The others are mostly single things to try.


Zoombuild from PBS kids


10 Incredible Construction Projects for Future Architects from Spoonful


Cardboard City from Lemon Lime Adventures


Four Bridges to Build and Test from Stay at Home Educator


Wood Constructions with Hot Glue from Picklebums


Cup Stacking from Housing a Forest


Build a City from Dirt and Boogers


Building a Pet Store from Twodaloo


Plastic Cup Boredom Buster from All for the Boys


Build a Popsicle Stick Bridge from Education


Building offers lots of opportunities for thinking, planning, succeeding, failing, revising, and of course, creativity. ALL good things!


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