Origami Books: Perfect for Summer Fun!


Origami Books: Perfect for Summer Fun!

Looking for a fun activity for this summer? How about origami? Check out today’s post for some books to get you started. Or maybe origami is not new to you. If you are already familiar with paper-folding techniques, there are also books here that will challenge you to improve your skills.
The word origami means paper folding. Most projects are folded from a single piece of paper. Most need no scissors. A glue stick is sometimes needed.

  Origami Pets by Lisa Miles

This beginner book starts with basic folds and then shows how to fold a cat, hamster, puppy, goldfish, mouse and turtle. Maybe not as good as having a real pet, but still fun.


 Easy Origami Toys by Christopher L. Harbo

At first, I was doubtful you could make toys out of paper, but this book convinced me it’s possible. You can make a small yet working basketball hoop, a walking (really) crow, battling sumo wrestlers, and 4 more toys. Other books in this series:
Easy Animal Origami
Easy Holiday Origami
Easy Ocean Origami


 Easy Origami by Mary Meinking

There are 10 origami projects in this book (paper cup, house, butterfly…). Other books in this series:
Not-Quite-So-Easy Origami
Sort-of-Difficult Origami
Difficult Origami


My First Origami Book by Cico Kidz (sorry, no link)

This is a bigger book than the other books. It has 35 projects and not all are typical origami. There are animals, flying craft, toys, decorations, gifts and cards. There’s something for just about everyone.


 Origami Magic Kit: Amazing Paper Folding Tricks, Puzzles and Illusions by Steve and Megumi Biddle

The title tells it all. Included are the Magic Box, Pyramids and String, the Mobius Strip, and others.


Origami Science Experiments Step by Step by Michael G. LaFosse (sorry, no link)

I’ve never thought of combining origami and science experiment, but this book contains 8 projects/experiments to try (Table Kite, Dish Soap Racing Boat, Masu Box…). Other books in this series:
Making Origami Birds Step by Step
Making Cards Step by Step
Making Origami Masks Step by Step
Making Origami Science Experiments Step by Step
Making Origami Puzzles Step by Step


Origami XOXO: Paper Folding for Special Secrets by Nick Robinson and Susan Behar (sorry, no link)

Beginning with origami basics, the book then shows how to make a kitten’s head, a fish, lucky stars, baby birds, cupcakes, birthday cards, and more. Each project also has directions for something else, such as instructions for mirror writing and for how to play the fortune-telling game.


 Make Your Own Art: Origami by Sally Henry and Trevor Cook

This book starts with clear picture demonstrations of all the folds you need for the 12 projects. The projects include a jumping frog, a dinosaur, a flapping crane and others. The other 11 books in the series cover different types of art, including collage, masks and puppets.


 Art2-D2’s Guide to Folding and Doodling by Tom Angleberger

If  you are a fan of The Strange Case of Origami Yoda (I love it!) then you’ll want to take a look at this book. It has lots of Origami Yoda origami projects, plus lots of doodling and drawing tips. This book alone could keep you busy the entire summer!


 Zombigami: Paper Folding for the Living Dead by Duy Nguyen

I think this might be the most difficult book in this list. Starting with instructions for the basic folds, it then gives directions for projects such as Skull Crusher, Suzie Gravemaker, Seymour Guts… you get the picture.
I hope these books inspire you to create all kinds of fun folding projects. If they do, write about them in the Comment Box!

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