Get Ready for Fire Prevention Week with Books


Get Ready for Fire Safety Week with Books


Fire Prevention Week is October 5-11 this year. Fire Prevention Day is Thursday, October 9. Here are some books to help you get ready.


 Fire Safety by Lisa M. Herrington

This Rookie Read-About book has good basic information about staying safe in a fire. The photos clearly illustrate the points made about avoiding and escaping fire danger.


 Staying Safe around Fire by Lucia Raatma

Similar to the book above, this book has more information. It’s written for early elementary and covers types of fires, fire prevention, and different ways to practice fire safety. It includes instructions for creating a family escape route.


Fire Safety by Lucia Raatma (sorry, no link)

Written by the same author as the one above, this book has the most information. It’s written for upper elementary and covers the same topics but in more depth.


 Fireboy to the Rescue! by Edward Miller

Fireboy gives lots of information, including the positive and negative parts of fire, what to do in case of fire, and preventing fires. The graphic novel design is attractive and easy to read.


 Stop, Drop, and Roll: A Jessica Worries Book by Margery Cuyler, illustrated by Arthur Howard

Jessica is a worrier and worries morning, noon, and night. When her teacher spends Fire Prevention Week teaching about fire safety, Jessica finds LOTS of things to be worried about. But she learns a lot about what to do and slowly stops worrying so much about fire.


 Contain the Flame: Outdoor Fire Safety by Jill Urban Donahue, illustrated by Bob Masheris

Rico and his family go camping. They carefully choose the spot for their fire, clean the campfire area, have water and sand ready, and continue to practice good fire habits. There are safety tips throughout and resources for learning more.


 Battling Blazes: Have You Got What It Takes to be a Firefighter? by Lisa Thompson

With text and lots of photos, this book covers a lot of ground. Chapters include information about becoming a firefighter, the gear, fighting fires, fire safety, and more topics.


A Kid’s Guide to Staying Safe Around Fire by Maribeth Boelts (sorry, no link)

This book covers sources of fire, the dangers of fire, fire escape plans, and calling for help. This would be a solid book for mid-elementary readers.


For more books about firefighters, click here.
Stay safe!


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