More Fun Author Websites


More Fun Author Websites


Last Friday, I posted about the websites of authors who write fiction picture books. This week I have sites of nonfiction picture book authors.


Steve Jenkins 

Steve Jenkins has written many books, including Eye to Eye: How Animals See the World, which is found in Monday’s post. His site includes information about his books, plus tells about how he made some of them. The link Gallery takes you to a bunch of pictures sent to him by kids. Consider doing this!


Marc Brown 

Marc Brown is the author of the Arthur books, plus In New York, found in Monday’s post. On his site, click on the Arthur link and you’ll find lots of activities.


Seymour Simon 

Seymour is a fantastic writer of science books. His website has information, pictures, and lots of fun kid stuff.



The Crinkleroot books are nature guides that are written by Jim Arnosky. This site has a downloadable song, LOTS of animal coloring pages, and three projects.


Melissa Stewart’s Science Clubhouse

There is lots to explore here!


Have fun with these!

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