Books to Get Ready for Election Day


Books to Get Ready for Election Day


Election Day is next Tuesday. Here are some books to help you understand what it is all about.



 Let’s Vote on It! by Janice Behrens

A class votes on a class pet—goldfish or hermit crab? They research, vote, tally, and celebrate. They continue to vote for other choices. This is a good beginner book on voting.


Today on Election Day by Catherine Stier, illustrated by David Leonard

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A group of three friends tell about their Election Day experiences. One helps an aunt in her campaign, one goes with his grandfather to vote, and one goes to the polls with his big brother. Voting history is woven throughout.


Election Day by Lynn Peppas

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This book is broken into chapters, covering democracy, voting, history, and other Election Day topics. Its pages are filled with large print and pictures.



 Getting Elected: A Look at Running for Office by Robin Nelson and Sandy Donovan

Clear text combined with historical and recent photos make this book easy to read. It covers the basics of elections and campaigning, plus follows a fictional candidate. It’s part of the How Does Government Work? series.


 Election Day by Heather C. Hudak

Election history, how Election Day is celebrated, Election Day symbols, and crafts and recipes are included in this book. It’s part of the American Holidays series.


 Running for Public Office by Sarah De Capua

This book explains what a public office is, describes campaigns, political parties, and other Election Day topics. It is a Scholastic True Book, along with Voting by the same author.


 How Do We Elect Our Leaders? by William David Thomas

Chapters cover the process of electing a president, members of Congress, and state officials. There is also a chapter about the importance of voting.


A History of Voting Rights by Tamra Orr

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This history of voting covers early voting rights, the voting rights of minorities, women’s voting rights, and current voting issues. It is part of the Vote America series.


 Elections and Voting by Antony Lishak

This book takes a very thought-provoking approach to voting and elections. It looks at the issues from several points of view. Some include: young voters, nonvoters and voters from other countries. Each section poses questions to think about and discuss.


 Vote! By Eileen Christelow

This graphic novel covers an election for mayor. Leave it to Eileen Christelow to write a book about voting that explains everything clearly and with plenty of laughs. It has my vote!


Voting is a privilege and a responsibility. Learn about it now so you can be a good citizen when you turn 18 and can vote!


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