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Lots of Funny Fairy Tale Jokes


Time to laugh! In fact, this is the fourth week of jokes! To go along with this week’s Fairy Tale theme, here are some funny jokes for you and your friends. [Yes, this is a repeat from February.]


As a child, the wicked magician always wanted to saw people in half.
Was he an only child?
No, he had lots of half-brothers and sisters!


Do you know what’s inside Aladdin’s lamp?
It would take a genie-us to find out!


Why was Cinderella no good at playing hockey?
Because she was always running away from the ball!


How did Jack know how many beans his cow was worth?
He used a cowculator!


Aladdin: Get me a fur coat.
Genie: What fur?
Aladdin: Fur to keep me warm, that’s what fur!


On which side of the house did Jack grow the beans?
On the outside!


Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Sarah who?
Sarah giant living here?


What does a magician like to keep up his sleeve?
His arm!


What kind of pet did Aladdin have?
A flying car-pet!


Why did the Ugly Duckling’s parents fly south for the winter?
Because it was too far to walk!


What do you say when the three bears want to sit down?
Three chairs for the Three Bears!


What steps do you take when a bear is chasing you?
Very big ones!


What’s brown and hairy and can see just as well from either end?
A bear with its eyes shut!


Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Godfrey who?
Godfrey tickets to the Giant’s Ball. Want to come?


The giant could smell an Englishman a mile away, so he knew that there was an intruder in the castle. The gates were locked, so how had Jack got inside?
Intruder window!


What did Little Red Riding-Hood say when she saw the big, bad wolf wearing sun-glasses?
Nothing . . . she didn’t recognize him!


The little tin soldier had been in the army ever since he was a tiny baby.
He was in the infantry!


What goes: MUF OF EIF IF?
A giant walking backwards!


What has six legs, four ears and a shining suit of armor?
A prince on horseback!


When does a prince get very wet?
When he becomes the reigning monarch!


When is a piece of wood like a king?
When it’s a ruler!


Why did the chicken lay golden eggs?
Because if she dropped them they would dent the floor!


Why did the Little Mermaid ride a sea-horse?
Because she was playing water polo!


Why didn’t the giant have any teeth?
Because he slept with his head under the pillow and the fairies took them!


Why was there always a conversation going on in the garden?
Because Jack and the beans talk!


What did the sea say to the Little Mermaid?
Nothing, it just waved!


Which part of a mermaid weighs the most?
The scales!


How did the witch know it was exactly twelve midday?
She used her Witch Watch!


If you were in Rapunzel’s tower during the day, what would be the furthest thing that you could see?
The sun!


What would you call a kind-hearted ogre?
A failure!


Why was the Little Mermaid embarrassed?
Because she saw the big ship’s bottom!


Where do ogres dance?
At the odd ball!


Who goes out with an ogre?
His girl-fiend!


What’s brown, furry and has twelve paws?
The Three Bears!


Where do kings and queens get crowned?
On the head!


Did you hear about the two-headed ogre who got so angry that he was beside himself?


How does an ogre count to nineteen?
On his fingers!


Optician: “Have your eyes ever been checked?”
Ogre: “No, they’ve always been red!”


What do you give an ogre with great big feet?
Lots of space.


What do you say to a three-headed ogre?
Hello, how are you today? Hello, how are you today? Hello, how are you today?


What sort of pills do you give to a two-headed ogre?
Aspirin, because they are good for splitting headaches!


Which is the scariest fairy-tale?
Ghouldilocks and the Three Brrrrs!


All of today’s jokes came from KidsJokes.com


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