Beginning Readers Just Want to Have Fun!


Beginning Readers Just Want to Have Fun!


The title to this post is meant to be clever, but it also has a serious message. Learning to read is a wonderful gift that seems not at all wonderful when it is burdened by stress. Learning to read is hard work but it doesn’t have to feel that way. My goal for this post is to give some tips to smooth the path.


Read aloud a lot.

This is probably the best way to show that reading has a very important purpose: it’s fun! But there are other benefits, too (click here)


Read what your child likes.

This seems like a no-brainer, but lots of adults think they know best when it comes to good books. But just because a book was your favorite when you were little, doesn’t mean your child will love it too.


Find great books.

Go to the library and browse. If your library has a website, use its search site to find books that feature your child’s interests. Ask the librarian too. Go to the bookstore. Check out garage sales.


Let your child see you reading.

If your child sees you reading, you’ll be demonstrating that you find reading worthwhile.


Play games.

Lots of games have text as part of the game. Following directions provides a built-in motivation to use reading skills.


Learning a story by heart is a good thing.

Reading a story you’ve memorized is a good thing. It promotes confidence. Confidence is good!


Act out the stories.

Does your child have a favorite story that she knows by heart? Act it out!


Label stuff.

Labeling stuff shows words have meaning. It’s also helpful – if shelves are labeled with what-goes-where it makes clean-up easier. Consider letting your child make the labels, especially for his own room.


Lots has been written about encouraging early readers. Here are 2 sites that have great information and ideas.
Supporting Your Beginning Reader from International Reading Association
Activities to Encourage Your Toddler from Reading Rockets


If you missed Monday’s book post about early reader fiction books, click here . In a few weeks, I’ll have more early reader books and ideas.


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