Family Read Aloud Night: Fun Ideas for Home and School


Family Read Aloud Night

Fun Ideas for Home and School


Monday’s book post had nonfiction books that beginning readers can read and enjoy. A few weeks ago, I posted about fiction books for beginning readers. So here’s an idea: hold a Family Read Aloud Night!


Here are a few ideas to consider:
  • Everyone chooses a book he/she likes to read. It may be a picture book, an early reader, or a chapter book from which you only read an excerpt.
  • Make it an official event! Make up a program with the readers and books.
  • Choose a book that everyone can comfortable read and take turns reading from it.
  • Readers can make posters of their books.
  • Have refreshments—either for participants to eat (quietly) while listening, or for after everyone has had a chance to read.
  • Make it a once-a-week event!


For more ideas, check out these sites:

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I hope you have great family fun with these ideas!


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