Native American Websites for Kids


Native American Websites for Kids


Here are some websites to learn a bit about Native Americans.


Native American Websites for Children

You’ll find information about Native Americans in the Plains, the Southwest, the Arctic, and the Northwest.


Native American Websites 

Includes history, facts, links, and activities.


Native American Indian Facts and Histories 

This site has a ton of stuff about the Alaskans, the Canadian, the Caribbean, and North American Indians.


First People of America and Canada – Turtle Island

You’ll find information, clip art, photos and more.


Kids’ Clubhouse

There are links to kid-friendly sites that include storytelling, health, culture, and more.


Native American Facts for Kids: Resources on American Indians for Children and Teachers 

There are lots of fact sheets about Native American culture and about the individual tribes. There are also links to books and websites.


Have fun exploring!


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  1. Creativity, learning and imagination are skills that I am trying to teach my children. This site is a wealth of information. Thank you! I am always searching for new material. One of my greatest sources of inspiration comes from the book, “Little Things Long Remembered: Making Your Children Feel Special Every Day” by author Susan Newman, Ph.D . Interacting with your children is a stress reliever that combats parents and kids’ hectic, overcrowded schedules.

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