Christmas is Coming! Time for Christmas Books!


Christmas is Coming! Time for Christmas Books!


Christmas is in less than three weeks!—time to get reading! This week’s list starts with three books by Eve Bunting. Bunting is a master storyteller who especially works her magic at Christmas.



by Eve Bunting, illustrated by David Diaz

A boy and his mother are homeless and live in a cardboard box. On Christmas Eve, they let an old woman share their box to keep warm. What happens that night is lovely and magical. This is one of my favorite Christmas books. I have lent it out many times and it’s always returned with a grateful thank you.


Night Tree

by Eve Bunting, illustrated by Ted Rand

A family goes out on a cold Christmas Eve and decorates a tree in the woods. They hang strings of popcorn, apples, oranges and seed balls for the animals on Christmas. I love this idea!


Christmas Cricket

by Eve Bunting, illustrated by Timothy Bush

On a cold Christmas Eve, a little cricket feels small and worthless. He hops into a house and finds his way to the Christmas tree. His singing adds to the magic of the evening. This book holds up well to repeated readings.


Dream Snow

by Eric Carle

A farmer has just 5 animals so he names them One, Two, Three, Four, and Five. It is just before Christmas and as the farmer naps, he dreams of snow covering everything. This is a fun lift-the-flap book with a neat surprise at the end.


Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree

by Robert Barry

This book was written in 1962 and is quite delightful. A huge Christmas tree is delivered to Mr. Willowby’s house. It is a perfect tree except it’s too tall. No problem, he just cuts off the top and gives the top to the upstairs maid. She loves her tree but it’s too big for her space, so she cuts off the top, which Tim the gardener puts in his house. And this is just the beginning! It is amazing how many homes this one tree ends up in…


Carl’s Christmas

by Alexandra Day

Baby’s parents leave their dog, Carl, in charge while they go out on Christmas Eve. (It’s okay, parents, the baby stays safe.) Carl takes Baby on a tour of the town, where they win a gift basket and help the needy. At home, Baby is sleeping when Santa comes. The picture of Carl as he comes head-to-head with the reindeer is great. This is a nearly-wordless book.


Harvey Slumfenburger’s Christmas Present

by John Burningham

One Christmas, as Santa finishes his deliveries and is about to go to bed, he notices there is one present left in his sack. It’s for Harvey Slumfenburger and Santa knows this would be the only present the boy will get. So Santa takesoff again (on foot, since the reindeer don’t feel well) to deliver it. He’s given a ride on a plane, a jeep, a motorbike, and several other vehicles. Each is stopped by the heavy snow. Will Santa get Harvey’s present to him by Christmas Day?


Drummer Boy

by Loren Long

A toy drummer boy is delivered to a child’s home. The drummer boy happily plays his drum for the child. But one day, the drummer boy is knocked into the trash. From there, the drummer boy gets transported to a dump, an owl’s nest, and other destinations. Each time he plays his drum. When at last he is returned to his child’s home, he finds one more place to play, at Baby Jesus’s cradle.


The Christmas Magic

by Lauren Thompson, illustrated by Jon J. Muth

Every year, when the nights are longest, Santa feels a tingling in his whiskers. As he prepares for the big night, the reindeer wait with anticipation. Finally, the night comes and Santa takes to the air. This book perfectly captures the magic of Santa Claus.


Stick Man

by Julia Donaldson, illustrated by Axel Schaffler

I knew I would like this book, just by looking at the cover. And my pleasure continues through to the very end. The story is exciting (Stick Man’s life is never safe or dull), the rhymes are terrific, and the ending is sweet.


No doubt, you need more Christmas books. No problem, I’ll have a new batch next Monday!



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