Time to Get Out of the House with Winter Family Fun!


Time to Get Out of the House with Winter Family Fun!


I usually think of winter as a good time to be inside. But really, that’s quite limiting. The activities I found for this post has given me lots of good ideas for outdoor winter fun. I hope you find some activities that will get your family moving and grooving while the cold weather is here. Some of the sites are from last year, some are brand new.


Fun Winter Outdoor Activities for Families from National Wildlife Federation

This is great: there are options for lots of snow, a little snow and not a snowflake in sight.


Best Winter Activities for Your Family from About.com

Snow play and snow sports


Top 10 Wintertime Neighborhood Games from Family Education

Powder Puff Football, Snowball Relay, Footprint Tag…


Top Family Outings for Winter Break from Family Education

These are not all outside, but at least they are out of the house – bowling, museums, ice skating …


20+ Fun Activities to Do in the Snow from Parents.com

Hula hoops, cool critters, bubble fun


Winter Outdoor Games from Health Unit

Capture the Flag, Fox and Geese, Smow Soccer…


Games to Play in Snow from Kid Activities

Snow Golf, Rope Snow Tug…


Winter Games for Outside from Girl Guides of Canada

Nine printable pages of games


Looking for things to do when the weather is just too wintery to play outside? Check back on next week for Winter Family Fun: Indoor Activities






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