African American Biographies: Helpful Learning Links


African American Biographies:

Helpful Learning Links


In preparation for next month’s Black History Month, here are links to African American biographies. Click here for African American biography books.


The Top Ten American Inventors

from Scholastic

Includes both men and women inventors


Black History


Features African American poets, their poems, and other information


Integrating Central High School: The Melba Patillo Story

from Scholastic

Tells the history of Melba Patillo and the Little Rock Nine


Rosa Parks: How I Fought for Civil Rights

from Scholastic

Tells the story of Rosa Parks, who is considered “The Mother of the Modern-day Civil Rights Movement”


Inspiring African Americans

from Time for Kids

Features 12 African Americans from many walks of life, from activists to athletes


African American Biographies

from Teacher Vision

Includes countless links for African American biographies


Biographies of Great African-Americans

from Enchanted Learning

Includes short biographies for many famous African Americans


Black History Month Special Features: Famous People & Literature

from InfoPlease

Features 14 links to African American biographies


African-American Biographies

from Social Studies for Kids

Includes 10 links to African American biography sites


Famous African Americans

from Teachers K12

18 famous African Americans, each with at least three links


Black History Month

from Reading Rockets

Includes video interviews with African American children’s book authors and illustrators. Other links also included.


I hope these links are helpful.



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