Boost Literacy Skills with Interactive Art Activities


Boost Literacy Skills with Interactive Art Activities


Monday’s book post had lots of books about art. Here are some sites with art information and interactive art activities. There are many opportunities to learn and create. These sites are very engaging and being engaged boosts learning LOT!




Includes 16 areas to explore for information and activities.


Interactive Art Websites for Children

from Springdale Elementary School

Includes 6 sites for interactive art activities.


Art Games

from Albright-Knox Art Gallery

Included are games, learning activities, and interactive art activities.


The Artist’s Toolkit

from Arts Connected.

Sections: Explore the Toolkit, See Artists in Action, and Encyclopedia. Lots to see, do, and learn!


45 Websites for Students To Create Original Artwork Online

from Making Teachers Nerdy

The title says it all!


I’ll have more art sites on Friday!



Last year, my friend, Lori Carpenter, a wonderful art teacher, agreed to write a guest post on using art to boost literacy skills. Click here to read her post.



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