Valentine’s Day Books for a Happy Heart Holiday


Valentine’s Day Books for a Happy Heart Holiday


Valentine’s Day isn’t for another month but I found enough books for two Valentine’s Day Book Posts. So, here are a bunch and I’ll have another bunch in a couple of weeks. I snuck in a few books that aren’t strictly Valentine’s Day but they are about love.


 Happy Valentine’s Day!

by Alex Appleby

Each double page spread has a bold photo of people celebrating Valentine’s Day and a sentence to explain the picture. This is a basic book for an early reader.


 Valentine’s Day

by Trudi Strain Trueit

This book covers the history of Valentine’s Day and some of the present-day traditions. Good for grades 2 and 3.


 The History and Traditions of Valentine’s Day

by Valerie Bodden

This book covers the history of Valentine’s Day, decorations, cards, and treats. There is an easy cookie recipe at the end. Good for grades 3 and 4.


 Pete the Cat: Valentine’s Day is Cool

by Kimberly and James Dean

At first, Pete thinks Valentine’s Day is not cool. But then his friend Callie gets him to think differently. So Pete goes to town and makes cards for everyone he thinks is cool. Valentine’s Day cards and a post are included.


Valentine’s Day

by Anne Rockwell, illustrated by Lizzy Rockwell (sorry, no link)

Everyone in Mrs. Madoff and Mr. Siscoe’s class makes valentines for a special friend who is not in school. Each valentine is different and special. Who are they for?


My Love for You All Year Round

by Susan L. Roth (sorry, no link)

My love for you…is warmer than a snowsuit is January… Two mice celebrate their love through all the months of the year. Sweet!


 What Sisters Do Best/What Brothers Do Best

by Laura Numeroff, illustrated by Lynn Munsinger

This book has a neat feature—read one story to the middle, then flip the book over and read the other story! Animal sisters and brothers do fun things together that show they love each other. Hooray—no gender role stereotyping!


 My Heart is Like a Zoo

by Michael Hall

The title may seem to make no sense, but believe me, there are hearts and animals throughout this wonderful picture book. The illustrations are terrific!


 Twosomes: Love Poems from the Animal Kingdom

by Marilyn Singer, illustrated by Lee Wildish

Pairs of animals celebrate their love with 2-line rhymes. Chameleons: You and I could be a team, if we agree on a color scheme. Very clever and funny.


Minnie and Moo: Will You be My Valentine?

by Denys Cazet  (sorry, no link)

Poetry-writing cows is one thing – but poetry-writing cows in tutus? Minnie and Moo always make me laugh.


Don’t forget to check back in two weeks for more Valentine’s Day books!


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