Dr. Seuss: The Perfect Source for Literacy!


Dr. Seuss: The Perfect Source for Literacy!


March 2 is Dr. Seuss’s birthday. Although he died in 1991, his life is one to celebrate every year. Why? The following explanation, found in an article in Examiner.com, says it perfectly:

Not only are Dr. Seuss books fun, they can open the doors of a child’s imagination. Several of his books even go a step further with underlying messages of peace, acceptance and environmental awareness.

The best source for ideas for using Dr. Seuss is the first site. It is truly amazing. I’ve also listed other good sources for ideas, crafts, activities, and all sorts of things.

Be sure to check out the last few sites. They prove that Dr. Seuss was NOT just for little ones!

(This is a repeat of last year’s post, with some modifications.)



This may well be the best author site ever created. It has information about Dr. Seuss and his books. It has games and activities based on the books and on individual characters. There is a section on where Seuss events are being held around the nation. The Educator section has resources, news about special events, and tips on how to use Seuss books in the classroom. The Parent section has activities, crafts, recipes, printables, and other resources.


Read Across America

from NEA

Seven links are included:

  • Seuss in the classroom
  • Seuss at home
  • Jack Prelutsky and Lane Smith: Inspired by Seuss
  • Send an e-card
  • Bookmarks in English and Spanish
  • A video interview with Mrs. Seuss
  • More Read Across resources


Dr. Seuss

from ABC Teach

There are lots of worksheets based on the Seuss books.


Dr. Seuss Activities

from Random House Kids

There are worksheets, puzzles, mazes, and activities.


The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot about That!

from PBS Kids

Based on the TV show, there are games, printables, videos and more.


Dr. Seuss Crafts & Activities

from Mom Endeavors

This site has over 75 activities, crafts, and recipes.


Celebrate Dr. Seuss’ Birthday

from Family Crafts

There are crafts and book activities


Over 50 of the Best Dr. Seuss Fun Food & Craft Ideas!

from Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons

The ideas look quite fun and the directions/recipes seem easy to follow.


Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! Lessons for Middle and High School

from Examiner.com

Hooray for this! I love that there are Seuss resources for older students. Dr. Seuss really had a lot to say to all ages.


Dr. Seuss Unit Activities, Lessons and Printables

from A to Z Teacher Stuff

There activities, printables, and lessons.


Dr Seuss…In Middle Grades???

from Making It Teacher

This middle school teacher makes a case for using Seuss books in the classroom and includes some ideas for using them.


Dr. Seuss for Older Students

from AdLit  (All About Adolescent Literacy)

Three articles are included:

  • Pre-Writing with Dr. Seuss
  • Seuss and Service
  • Seuss and the Secondary Classroom.

Good stuff!


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