100 Days ’til Summer – The Countdown Begins


My friend Martha Rodriguez has agreed to do another guest post. Yay! I love her enthusiasm and she has a great idea for bringing in summer.


100 Days ’til Summer – The Countdown Begins


Winter has gone on long enough, so forget spring!  We want to go straight to summer!

We can’t wait to feel the warm sun on our faces, scrunch our toes in the sand, feel the cool grass under our feet, swim in the ocean, jump into the lake, catch fireflies, chase frogs, and have ice cream run down our chins.

Baseball, barbeques and bicycle rides are just around the corner, but summer still seems just out of our reach.

What can we do to make summer get here faster?  Use our brains and have (parent- and teacher-approved) fun in the process!  Let’s get those creative juices flowing to finish out the school year strong.  Brains need exercise, too!  And we’re about to take our brains to the gym… the brain gym, that is!

How are we going to exercise our brains, you ask?  You did ask, didn’t you?

Here’s how.  Beginning Friday, March 13th (insert scary music here!) we’re going to take pictures, share stories, have fun days and play games.  I want to know what you’re up to as we count down to the longest day of the year, June 21st.

What can you expect?  Fun writing prompts, silly scripts, picture scavenger hunts and goofy holidays.  Help us celebrate summer’s arrival by following along on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, my blog and my website.  I promise you there will be something new and silly and fun to do every single day, and before you know it, summer will be here!

Oh, I almost forgot.  I have a surprise for you!

June 21st is not only the first day of summer, it’s also a special birthday — for my picture book A Reel Cool Summer, so I’m giving away one paperback copy every day for those hundred days (US addresses only).  Or, if you’re a bit too old for picture books and you have a Kindle, I’ll send you an electronic copy (.mobi file) of Smell My Feet! 10 Seriously Silly and Sweet Short Stories for Squirts or What About Barnaby? A Gumshoe Crew Mystery. To enter the giveaway, please visit my blog.



I hope you’re as excited as I am to use our brains for fun, which will keep them healthy for all that learning that’s still to be done in school.

See you on March 13th (insert creepy laughter here!) as we start to countdown 100 Days ’til Summer!

One more thing before I go.  I want to thank Gail for having me back on her blog.  I know how much she wants kids to use their brains.  She always shares the best ideas with teachers, parents and librarians.  Thank you Gail, for all you do to make kids’ brains strong!  It’s always a pleasure to be with you here!

Stay cool!



And thank you Martha—this is a great way to bring on summer!




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