Fun Spring Info Sites


Fun Spring Info Sites


Learning about spring weather, gardening, kites, and going outside to really look around…all great things to do in spring. Get out and have fun!


Tree House Weather Kids 

from University of Illinois Extension

Click on the Seasons and Temperature link for spring information. Then check out the other links, too. Looks like fun!


My First Garden 

from University of Illinois Extension

Spring is the best time to plan a garden. This site may give you some ideas.


Seasons Reasons 

from Science U

If you are wondering why we have seasons, try this site.


Homemade Paper Kite Guaranteed to Fly!

from Shannon’s View from Here

What to do on a beautiful spring day? Fly a kite! This site has the easiest directions I could find.


A Garbage Bag Kite 

by mta

This kite is bigger than the one above, but it looks like may be harder to make.


Nature Detectives Spring Sheets 

from Nature Detectives

Download free booklets, hunt sheets, and identification tools. And there are more things to explore on the sides. This is a great site!


Happy, happy, SPRING!



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