Spring! Celebrate with Books!


Spring! Celebrate with Books!


Spring is my favorite season. I love that it means winter is over. I love the colors and the warm and really, I love everything about it. Here are some terrific books that show spring love.


What Do People Do in Spring?

by Jenna Lee Gleisner

This basic book covers spring changes, plants, and gardens. It’s a level 1 reader from the 21st Century Basic Skills Library.


Spring: Signs of the Season Around North America

by Valerie J. Gerard, illustrated by Eric Thomas

As the title suggests, this book shows signs of spring around North America. It covers deserts, mountains, the coast, Alaska, and more. Nicely done.


Mouse and Mole: Fine Feather Friends

by Wong Herbert Yee

Mouse and Mole are great friends. In this book, they go out on a spring day to observe birds, or at least they try. The birds keep flying away until Mouse gets an idea. This book is about spring, but its also about friendship.



by Ron Hirschi, illustrated by Thomas D. Mangelsen (sorry, no link)

Flowers blooming, bears coming out of their dens, coyotes shedding…this book covers lots of early spring signs with short text and wonderful photos.


Spring: An Alphabet Acrostic

by Steven Schnur, illustrated by Leslie Evans

Key words of spring (April, eggs, hopscotch…) are turned into short acrostic poems. Springy poems and illustrations.



by Mary Lyn Ray, illustrated by Lauren Stringer

I love spring mud, especially the lovely spring smell of it. This book totally gets spring and the loveliness of mud.


Goose Moon

by Carolyn Arden, illustrated by Jim Postier

At first, this doesn’t seem like a spring book. But it is, or rather it’s about waiting for spring. Like I wait, starting in February. The girl in the story complains to her grandfather about being sick of winter. He helps her look for signs of spring, including the goose moon. Lovely.


The Curious Garden

by Peter Brown

This is a wonderful book! Liam finds a scraggly garden growing on some unused train tracks. He isn’t much of a gardener but he learns after a while. When the garden grows curious, it spreads to other areas, wherever it feels like. There is real magic in this book.


Spring Thaw 

by Steven Schnur, illustrated by Stacey Schuett

It first, I thought this book took too long to show spring, with all its snowy illustrations. But then I realized it shows exactly what spring is like. It’s the reward for the long winter you’ve just gone through (at least it’s long here in the Northeast).


Need more Spring books? Never fear—next week I’ll have a bunch more!



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