Spring! Celebrate with MORE Books!


Spring! Celebrate with MORE Books!


One can never read too many books about spring. Here is the second bunch, as promised.


The Happy Day

by Ruth Krauss, illustrated by Marc Simont

The sleeping animals of the forest wake up and sniff the air. They run and they all run to the same place. For good reason! Written in 1949, this Caldecott Honor book is a classic.


Day by Day

by Susan Gal

Mile by mile, pigs motor west. And so their story starts. They build a home, plant a garden, and make a happy life. This is not exactly a spring book (it does start in spring) but it’s so delightful, I have to include it.


The Messenger of Spring

by C.J. Taylor (sorry, no link)

Iceman is feeling old and tired after a long winter. When New Dawn visits him, New Dawn sings the coming of Spring. It’s easy to imagine Spring arriving in just this way. This is a retelling a Native American legend. I hope it become an often-read story.


When Will It Be Spring?

by Catherine Walters

A bear cub keeps looking out of his hibernation den and thinks he sees signs of spring. His mother shows him, time after time, it isn’t spring yet. Until, of course, it is! The pictured book is in Spanish. This book also has an English version.



by Douglas Florian

Douglas Florian knows spring. It leaps smiling from every poem and illustration. Each poem is short and perfect for learning by heart.


and then it’s spring

by Julie Fogliano, illustrated by Erin E. Stead

It starts with brown… A boy and his dog do their part to bring spring. They plant seeds and wait. They watch and wait and watch and wait. Still brown. And then……..it’s spring


Everything Spring

by Jill Esbaum

This book, published by National Geographic Kids has a lot going for it. The pictures show all the new life of spring. The text brings sound (chicks Peep! and rain Plip-plop-plips…) and movement (ducklings piddle-paddle, creatures hurry-scurry) to the pictures. This is a terrific book for young ones.


In My Backyard

by Don J. Curry, illustrated by Erin O’Leary Brown

Each 2-page spread shows a girl in her backyard, observing the signs of spring and a simple sentence that ends with in my backyard. The illustrations provide careful clues for decoding the text. This is an excellent early reader.


Spring Goes Squish!

by Marty Kelley  (sorry, no link)

Evidently not everyone is as fond of spring as I am. The girl in this book is NOT a fan. She complains about every part of spring and is very funny while she does. The text is in rhyme and the illustrations are as funny as the text.


How Mama Brought the Spring

By Fran Manushkin, illustrated by Holly Berry

Mama tells the story of when Rosy’s Grandma made blitzes and brought spring to Minsk (capital of Belarus). This is a charming story and makes me want to make blitzes (recipe at the end). Maybe it will bring spring to the Northeast!


Cold Little Duck, Duck, Duck

by Lisa Westberg Peters, illustrated by Sam Williams

One miserable and frozen spring…A cold little duck flew in. With side-effects words (creak creak creak) and brief, lively text, the little duck thinks about the wonders of spring and suddenly, there it is. This would be a wonderful read aloud!


I’m thinking if we all think about and read about spring, it will get here all the sooner. Hey, it’s worth a try!




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