Books for Celebrating Mother’s Day


Books for Celebrating Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is coming up in two weeks. Here are some books to share with your mother and maybe to give you some ideas.


  Davy Loves His Mommy

by Brigitte Weninger, illustrated by Eve Tharlet

Davy tells his siblings that he knows what the perfect Mother’s Day present would be: five well-behaved bunnies. They aren’t totally convinced but they give his plan a try anyway. Will they be able to learn how to behave in just a few days?


  The Everlasting Embrace

by Gabrielle Emanuel, illustrated by E. B. Lewis

Set in Mali, this story tells of a young child who goes through each day bound to his (her?) mother’s back as the mother goes about her day. This is a beautiful book!


  Henry and Mudge and the Funny Lunch

by Cynthia Rylant, illustrated by Carolyn Bracken

You’ve got to love how Henry and his dad show Henry’s mother love on Mother’s Day—they create some wacky food for her lunch. Stuff like a Tomato Snowman and a Sweet Potato Shoe. This year’s treat is a Pineapple Sofa. Fun story!


  Knit Together

by Angela Dominguez

The girl in the story likes to draw. Her mother likes to knit. Together they create a special project they both can share. This is not exactly a Mother’s Day book, but it’s a great mother and child book.


  Mother, You’re the Best! (But Sister, You’re a Pest!)

by Diane deGroat

Gilbert wants to do something special for his mother. But his efforts to make her breakfast don’t go well. Then, every time he tries to get near his mother, his sister is there. He keeps luring his sister away and in the end he does the very thing his mother likes best.


  Gus Makes a Gift

by Frank Remkiewicz

Gus spends his day making things for his mother. Even when things don’t go well, he stays happy. This very basic (level pre 1) book tells its story with simple words and colorful illustrations.


  The Night Before Mother’s Day

by Natasha Wing, illustrated by Amy Wummer

Two kids and their dad create a fun Mother’s Day celebration. Modeled after The Night Before Christmas, this book is clever and fun.


  Mother’s Day Mess

by Karen Gray Ruelle

Emily and Harry start planning for Mother’s Day two months early by planting flowers. On the big day, they make pancakes and set a beautiful tray with food and flowers. Things don’t go exactly the way they planned, but still, their mother is pleased. This is a level 2 early chapter book.


  The Best Mother’s Day Ever

by Eleanor May, illustrated by MH Pilz

Friends Lucy and Diego help each other plan for their mothers’ Mother’s Day celebrations. Lucy suggests that Diego make his mother breakfast in bed. Diego suggests that Lucy sing her mother a special Hispanic song. Their mothers end up being more surprised than pleased but in the end, they all have a good laugh.


  Mother’s Day

by Anne Rockwell, illustrated by Lizzy Rockwell

The kids in Mrs. Madoff’s class share how they will celebrate Mother’s Day. They have lots of different ways: making beignets, hiking, giving a birdhouse present, eating out, planting a tree, playing a song on the violin, and more. The kids and their families are nicely diverse.


I hope you have a fun day with your mother!




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