Terrific Books for National Pets are Wonderful Month


Terrific Books for National Pets are Wonderful Month


I never knew there was a National Pets are Wonderful Month! But now that I do know, of course I have to do a book post on pets. These books tell about finding the right pet, taking care of your pet, and living happily with your pet. Four of the books are parts of series. For these, I’ve listed the other pets covered by the series.


  I Spy Pets

by Edward Gibbs

Each set of pages starts with a cut-out page showing a portion of a pet, plus two clues (ex. something with silky feathers, I like to peck seeds). Turn the page and you see the pet (canary). A fun book for young kids.


  Everything Pets

by James Spears and Virginia Morell

This National Geographic Kids book has lots of information in pictures, charts, and text. It covers a wide range of pets, what they need, how to choose the right pet, and other helpful information. This would work for pet owners and those who are thinking about getting a pat.


  Birds: How to Choose and Care for a Bird

by Laura S. Jeffrey

This has lots of information about birds and caring for a bird: bird history, finding the right bird, bird care, bird health, and more. Other books in the series: Cats, Dogs, Fish, Horses, and Hamsters (and other small mammals).


  Turtles (My First Pet)

by Cari Meister

This is a very basic book about turtles and what they need. Other books in the series: Birds, Cats, Dogs, Fish, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, and Rabbits.


  Cats (Xtreme Pets)

by S.L. Hamilton

Are you a cat lover who is looking for an unusual cat? This books will give you lots of ideas. Other books in the series are Dogs, Fish, Bugs, Reptiles, and Spiders.


  Rats and Mice (Pets Plus)

by Sally Morgan

Do think a rat or mouse might be a good pet for you? This book will give you information on how to get ready, plus information on diet and exercise. Other books in the series: Dogs, Horses, Lizards and Snakes, Gerbils and Hamsters, Rabbits, Cats, and Birds.


  Guide to Puppies

by Ellen Miles

If you are looking for information on how to take care of a puppy, this is a good book to check out. It covers everything from getting ready to basic needs to training, and everything else. Looking for more dog books? This author has written lots!


  Pet Heroes

by Nicole Corse

This book has a bunch of pet heroes. Most are dog heroes, but there are also cat, pig, bird, rabbit, and horse heroes. This is a level 3 Scholastic reader.


What pets do you have? Please write about them in the Comments Box!


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