Amazing Music Sites for Kids


Amazing Music Sites for Kids


Some say music makes the world go round. I don’t know if it makes it go round but it certainly makes it more fun. Today I have some music sites for you. Enjoy!


Short classic songs

from Mighty Book

Songs such as Bingo and Found a Peanut are animated with the words to sing along with.


Story Songs 

from Mighty Book

These songs tell a story.


Music Games

from PBS Kids 

34 games explore all kinds of music: preschool, hip hop, jazz, blues, boogie, world, and more.



from KidSites

These links seem to be for kids who are serious about learning music. Link titles include Classical Music Archives, Creating Music, Introduction to Reading Music, and more.



from Dallas Symphony Orchestra Kids

Games included: Time Machine, Beethoven’s Baseball, Music Match, and Picture Paint.


Classics for Kids

from Cincinnati Public Radio

Learn about Russian Composers, their music, and the instuments in an orchestra. The games link seems to be out of order.


Sphinx Kids

from Sphinx Music 

There are 10 links to information and games about classical music.


Can you feel the world spin with a little more fun? Music does this!



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